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Payment for Ecological Services Lijiang, China - Essay Example

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Payment for Ecological and Environmental Services (PES) was invented mainly to combat the anomalies that the conventional efforts of preservation multiplicity failed to achieve. The traditional models of conservation, which include the Integrated Development program (ICDP), had various shortcomings…
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Payment for Ecological Services Lijiang, China
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Download file to see previous pages The major upper hand with the PES is hinged on its ability to offer short-term benefits that encourages conservation behavior. This prompts and facilitates collaborative participation of the residents in the management of the ecosystem and not being its worst enemy. In the region of Lijiang China, fundamental changes have been effected that include banishment on the inspection of fishing, poaching, hunting and a reduced potential threat upon the well being of the ecosystem. Pagiola, S. & Platais, G. (2003).
To enhance sustainable Ecological and Environmental services, the PES scheme in Lijiang China has put more emphasis on comprehending the interlocks between human activities; mainly farming around the Lashihai Lake and the management of the biodiversity in terms of migratory bird's population and the preservation or improvement of water quality for landscape use in Lijiang old town. Rosales, M., & Ruis, J. P. (2004). Since Agriculture is the main activity dependent upon by inhabitants who live around Lashishi Nature reserve. Agriculture and livestock therefore constitutes for more than 70% of the entire economic system around this region. This has also been viewed as a major detriment that has greatly hampered and deteriorated the water flows into the lake. Rosales, M., & Ruis, J. P. (2004). ...
A mixed system of crops and fruits is already practiced in some areas around the Lashihai Nature Reserve, and thus can be further encouraged. To increase farmers' profits, one could also encourage the introduction of livestock husbandry, which should reduce the dependence on
chemical fertilizers. Rosales, M., & Ruis, J. P. (2004). Furthermore, in the last scenario, fodder crops intercropped under fruits may help reduce cost of feedstuff used, thus further increasing the attractiveness of this development scenario for individual farmers. One limitation of the model is that it assumes stable prices for the crops, even though, as shown in the figure below, there are some variations. Furthermore, in near the future prices of grain will slightly increase due to the limited cultivated land. Pagiola, S. & Platais, G. (2003).
Changing farming Techniques around the lake
The chief reason of changing the agricultural practices of farmers around the lake, however, is not to increase their profits, but rather to decrease the impacts that their activities have on the water quality of the lake - and, in turn, on the tourist city of Lijiang. It is thus obligatory to comprehend the stalemate in terms of agricultural production, application of chemical inputs, and water quality in the lake. Pagiola, S. & Platais, G. (2003). Evaluating of the current production data for the region, it appears that current agricultural sector in the Lashihai Nature Reserve is operating underneath competent levels. Pagiola, S. & Platais, G. (2003). Above all, the production of crops are low, even compared to the run of the mill for China, which compares aggregate production per hectare in the Lashihai Nature Reserve to the average for China for selected crops. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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