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Divorce Problem - Essay Example

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The article "The Solution to America's Divorce Problem" highlights the advantages of covenant marriages stating that it is better than ordinary marriaes. Covenant marriages are criticized that they hurt children and contradict social and legal scale, the article makes an attempt to prove that covenant marriage has its benefits in modern society…
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Divorce Problem
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"Divorce Problem"

Download file to see previous pages It is known that government regulates almost all aspects of intimate relations instead of paying more attention to increasing costs of welfare. (Nocks et al. 1999)
The authors think that covenant marriages are able to make relations stronger and "not just harder to get out of it". As far as marriage may be a prison to a woman, covenant marriage guarantees more freedom and leaves woman a way to escape from it. According to authors the covenant marriage is able to provide marginally stronger promises than common marriage. Furthermore, women will be more financially secure, because according to statistics women suffer more from divorce, especially in terms of finance. (Nocks et al. 1999)
Actually, a covenant marriage gives couple more choices. The authors' point of view is that covenant marriages are more stable, longer in duration and significantly healthier. What is more important is that covenant marriages protects from being emotionally, verbally and physically abused. It is concluded that this type of marriage promotes more democracy in traditional patterns of family interactions. (Nocks et al. 1999)
Despite the provided advantages it is difficult to agree that covenant marriages are better, because nowadays it is not socially accepted. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...problems may be some of the behavior changes that the affected children develop as they adjust to the new order. A wide body of research has shown that those children who are brought up in stable families with both parents present show stability and good behavior as compared to their counterparts who encounter divorce. Children who have suffered divorce in their lives are prone to delinquency and aggression. This is because these children go through a very intense period of loss and are subjected to tremendous, unexpected and inevitable changes when parents divorce and separate. There is no doubt most of the impacts of divorce are extremely detrimental...
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