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Social Class - Essay Example

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All societies have developed specific ways of carrying out basic functions-economic production, government, family life, religion, and so on. Because of biological life cycle, full-fledged members of any society must teach the young how to carry on the social patterns of that society if cultural continuity and social order are to be maintained…
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Social Class Essay
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Social Class

Download file to see previous pages... Each of these relationships is culturally defined, thus anyone occupying a position is expected to behave in culturally defined ways toward anyone occupying any of the related positions. When a society becomes highly differentiated so that different adult males and adult females are found carrying out a large number of rather different roles, the task becomes much more complex.
Modern theories of class divisions view occupations as the basis of classification within the stratification system. Americans actually view different occupations as superior and inferior to one another. Thompson & Hickey (2005) identify five social classes: upper class, upper-middle class, lower middle class, working class, lower class. This has been demonstrated in countless ways in sociological research. It is thus seen as a means of attainment of social level rather than as a direct measure of social level. It is one of the important links between one's origin and one's destination, not only an influence in determining one's destination, but also influenced by one's origin. A major concern will be to investigate the degree to which one's educational level is a function of one's origin. Thompson & Hickey (2005) identify that adult roles are quite varied, and the socialization experiences required to prepare individuals to carry them out are also quite varied. Such complexities cannot be considered here. There is considerable agreement, however, that a person's occupation is the most valid single measure of the position he occupies in the stratification system of our society. More effectively than any other single measure, occupation reflects all three of the major dimensions of stratification. In fact, this statement probably applies not only to the United States but to all modern industrial societies.
Another classification of class division is proposed by Gilbert & Kahl (2002). This model is based on sources of income which varies within each social class. the authors underline that "there is really no way to establish that a particular model is 'true' and another 'false.'. The main classes are: capitalist class ($250,000 or more), upper middle class ($62,500 per individual), middle class ($50,000 to $90,000 for households), working class ($20,000 to $50,000 for households), working poor ($12,500 per household) and underclass (less than $12,000 a year). There are three important ways in which middle-class occupations differ from working-class occupations that are relevant. First, middle-class (white-collar) occupations typically require the individual to handle ideas and symbols and to be skilled in personal relations, whereas working-class (blue-collar) occupations typically involve physical objects rather than symbols and call for much less interpersonal skill. Second, middle-class jobs require much more self-direction in the ordering of activities and the selection of methods, than working-class jobs, which are more often routinized and subject to more strict supervision. Closely associated with these differences is the tendency for middle-class occupations to call for individual action whereas working-class occupations more often call for coordinated group or team action. Such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social Class
This paper intends to elaborate the fact that an individual’s social class determines what kind of life style he will be offered by the rest of the society. Usually and more specifically, there are three classes in every society: upper class, middle class, and lower class.
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Crash focus on American dream of becoming a multicultural state through interaction of people from different cultures. This essay analyzes the existence of social classes in American society. The essay will analyze racism economic status and professionalism as the main indicators of social classes within American societies.
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Difference in social class is believed to form a basis for the relative definition of poverty. A person will define poverty based on another’s class and if one party is rich then the other is considered poor. The author illustrates this concept through the narrator’s position that if the audience could be in her position then the audience would understand the meaning of poverty without her explanation.
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The conclusion from this study states that the only way to understand the real meaning of essay is to create a clear distinction between its close counterparts such as journals, reports, and articles. This distinction may also not bring much difference since most people refer any literature material occurring on a website or on mass media as an article.

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While Marx argued that it is possible for a person to perceive the class to which he belongs, Weberians contend that no significant and necessary tie exists between economic and social class. However, Weber did argue that the public esteem of a profession, though unconnected to economic class does structure a person's life chances (Savage, 73).
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Social Class
But after the Industrial Revolution, the social class has transformed into a class system which allows the people adequate flexibility to move above or below their original class. Today a difference in class is generally known as a dividing line between different kinds of behavior as well as a difference in wealth, power and esteem among the people.
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Also called class, social class is "a group of people within a society who possess the same socioeconomic status. Besides being important in social theory, the concept of class as a collection of individuals sharing similar economic circumstances has been widely used in censuses and in studies of social mobility." (Social Class.
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Social class
One question that I think is the fundamental predictor of one’s social class is one’s annual income, so I would ask him/her how much he/she earns annually. I would ask this particular question because social class fundamentally depends
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Social class
The variations in such resources and outcome are the basis of inequality. When sociologists discuss about social class, they refer to a given group of people who occupy the same position in the economic structure. Individuals know that they belong to the same group if they
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