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Success - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Success is a universal goal, yet defined differently by every individual. In my eyes, long term success means recognition as an expert in the field in which I’m passionate. I recognize that my greatest passion is in the field of investments. …
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Extract of sample "Success"

Download file to see previous pages My short term goal is to devote myself towards gaining a working, graduate-level of knowledge as quickly and completely as possible. Life experience has taught me that success does not happen overnight. It is the direct result of dedication to working harder than the competition. Therefore, I made the decision long ago to throw myself 100% into the fray of work--heart and soul. Words do little when compared with deeds, and I know one must put forth the kind of exceptional effort that speaks for itself. In high school, I worked and studied tirelessly in order to earn a 3.7 GPA, knowing that I would need this in order to gain acceptance to a college with a strong business program. Once accepted into the Isenberg School of Management, at the University of Massachusetts, I carried this work ethic with me, earning a 3.6 GPA. This strengthened my drive as I realized I can live my dream if I set goals and worked towards achieving them. In college, I was fascinated both by the corporate as well as investment sides of the finance world. In those years, I acquired a corporate finance job with Liberty Mutual, which began in the July following graduation. Unfortunately, graduation took place in the previous December. During this time I refused to remain idle, taking up an investment position with a hedge fund group for Investor's Bank. This allowed me to expand my work experience while waiting to begin the program with Liberty Mutual. While working for Liberty Mutual, I realized just how much I'd enjoyed my days evaluating investment funds at Investor's Bank. Six months with Liberty Mutual and I knew undoubtedly that I had a deep interest in investment evaluation-it's where I belong. I left Liberty Mutual and returned to Investor's Bank.
My burning desire to not only work but also excel in the field of investments pushes me to aggressively pursue a Master of Finance. Boston College's (BC) Program provides one of the most well designed curriculums I could ask for, with in-depth exposure to various subjects, taught by a world renowned faculty in a globally recognized institution. I seek to pursue a fundamental analysis concentration in order to expand my knowledge of the analytical techniques in investments. From what I've read on the BC website, this concentration is of interest to me and I believe it will develop my knowledge in topics such as enterprise value, free cash flow, economic value, risk/ reward analysis, and the art of management interviews. Moreover, I'm studying for the Level I CFA exam for the upcoming December. A BC education will support the knowledge I'm already absorbing so that, eventually, I'll have a working understanding of comprehensive information that will further enhance my capabilities.
My short term goal is to gain credentials to illustrate my knowledge in the field. I believe it's important for me, at this early career stage, to gain such designations in order to place myself in a position of leadership. I wish to influence the thinking of others and be a leader in the direction of the investment field. I plan to go to school part-time while working, in order to gain an integrated knowledge of both the academic and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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