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Of the Natural Condition of Mankind - Essay Example

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We can improve our collective life by loving each other. Basic, yet true. Primal but necessary. It goes both ways when we are in that state. It affords us two distinctions. It lets us know where we are. Also being in this state of war, as it were informs us that our minds are not at rest and that we need to readjust/assess our state of being…
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Of the Natural Condition of Mankind
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Extract of sample "Of the Natural Condition of Mankind"

Download file to see previous pages This is why Hobbes suggests that we lock our doors and that even though there be enforcement of laws we still take precautions. I implore you, gentleman and the like unlock your doors and let civility in.[
Can we know our minds This thing that exists beyond time or space. And does this knowledge free us. And yes we are made accountable to all things that ensue from our innate needs and wants as well as our positive goals dreams or thoughts. And then the question is, "Are the only worthwhile dreams, goals, desires and thoughts the only ones no one else wants"
Are we that self-regarding According to ideas of political thought even our so called selfless acts are based on the desire to be seen in a better light. Therefore what we do for others still benefits us. This constant state of war is not necessarily mental but may be derived our of a more basic and life preserving need for us as humans to be in a state of homeostasis. "A dream deferred makes the heart sick."
Though a higher power may be established no such agreement for a standard of living may be made unless a person, of their own free will agree to submit to that higher power. And if such higher power may be submitted to namely God. The glue that holds it all together is love. For where there is no law according to Hobbes there can be real free will.
Love. Against such there is no law[Holy Bible]. It may be pertinent therefore to establish those that love first obeying the one command that overrules all else. Then there can be real freedom. Imagine a man that were in the world alone. Everyone else is asleep. According to Holy Scriptures it states do not awaken love before it so desires. Yet love does arouse one to a deeper consciousness. You become aware that there is more than just you, your needs, your desires and your wants. A child can not yet understand this. That is, if we agree with Piaget's level of development.
Whoever gets to it first. It goes beyond the strongest. It goes beyond will. It comes with intelligence. It is bred within the genes. Thus, this may be why marriages are one way to form alliances, treaties or pacts. The passions that incline men to peace again is not fear of death but love.
Ignorance vs. denial. Is ignorance really bliss If therefore, a love such as Christ can compel us it motivates us. It drives us. The whip is good for one thing- training and conditioning but left to one's own devices it is good for not much else. Because the perfect standard is not worldly or based on human ability the perfection still stands. This perfection can never be tainted because it is our of our reach. All fall short of the glory of God.
A law that forbids one until they have knowledge of such law is a flawed argument. It is like the tree of good and evil. Once Adam and Eve ate of the tree their eyes were open. Is it ignorance or is it marriage that is bliss
Neither! Love is blissful. Though a slave has no rights or personal properties they do have the ability, the power, the capacity and freedom to love. Against such there is no law. St. Thomas Aquinas supports this argument by stating that one need not be smart to understand God- Who is love.
Contrary to Hobbes statement that out of fear, or fear of punishment but it is out of deep regard for the safety and protection of another. Again love protects. Fear is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Of the Natural Condition of Mankind Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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