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Consumer Behavior Attitudes - Essay Example

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If the interviewee gives the following solutions, that is, 3 points for question one, 2 points, 9points, 10 points, 5 points, 7 points, 7 points, 8 points and 4 points for each question in this order, then we ca calculate the attribute score towards each of the brands home-delivery pizza as follows.
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Consumer Behavior Attitudes
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Extract of sample "Consumer Behavior Attitudes"

Download file to see previous pages THE THEORY OF REASONED ACTION
The formula for TORA is as follows.
B1=w1 [A (act)] + w2 [SN (act)] where;

BI = Behavioral Intent
W1 and w2 = weights (typically these are previously determined)
A (act) = Attitude toward an action (e.g., purchase)
SN (act) = Subjective Norms
A (act) = (Bi Ei)
Bi = Belief that an action (e.g., purchase) will lead to a consequence i
Ei = Evaluation of importance/desirability of consequence i
i = Consequences 1, 2m
SN (act) = (NBj MCj)
NBj = Belief that a reference group (j) wants you to perform a certain action (e.g., purchase)
MCj = Motivation to comply with reference group j
j = Reference groups 1, 2.n
But w1=0.6
and w2=0.4
m=3, n=2
B1 (Buying the Motorcycle) = w1 [A (act)] + w2 [SN (act)]
A (act) = (-3*2) + (2*3) + (-3*-3) + (-3*2) + (1*1)
= -6 + 6 +9 + -6 +1
= 4.

SN (act) = (NBj MCj)
= (-3*2) + (-1*1)
= -6 + -1
= -7.
B1 = (0.6 * 4) + (0.4 * -7)
=2.4 - 2.8
= - 0.8
B1 (Buying a car) = w1 [A (act)] + w2 [SN (act)]
A (act) = (2*2) + (-2*3) + (2*-3) + (3*2) + (3*1)
= 4+ -6 +-6 +6 +3
= 1
SN (act) = (NBj MCj)
= (3*2) + (3*1)
B1 = (0.6*1) + (0.4*9)
=0.6 + 3.6
According to Ajzen and Fishbein's the Theory of Reasoned Action is clustered into three stratums. Thus intention; the fundamental hypothesis of this assumption is that a person's motive is the most important forecaster and influencer of attitude. In the event that a person wishes to partake on something then...
This is important as it will help the interviewer to know the mistakes or the failures which they will need to work on, so as to meet the demands of their clients.
According to Ajzen and Fishbein's the Theory of Reasoned Action is clustered into three stratums. Thus intention; the fundamental hypothesis of this assumption is that a person's motive is the most important forecaster and influencer of attitude. In the event that a person wishes to partake on something then they will definitely do it. Ajzen & Fishbein, (1981). The theory of Reasoned Action implies that motives are influenced by Attitude toward the behavior and the subjective Norms.
The mindset toward the behavior is exactly what the person's former attitude toward doing that behavior is. The implicit is that people think through their decisions and possible outcomes which guide them through the making of a decision. There is an attitude formed about the overall decision and the object that which the decision is being made around. There's a mindset formed about the overall decision and the object that which the decision is being made around (Ajzen & Fishbein, 1980). For example, if a couple is trying to decide if they should take a vacation to Disney world could be characterized by a mindset. The rationale could be that the couple is not adverse to Disney world and has a positive attitude towards it. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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