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Globalization has a great impact on the environmental health of the planet influencing and transforming social, political, cultural and economic spheres of life. Innovations in transportation have been complemented by the swift development of communication technologies…
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Globalization College Essay
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"Globalization College"

Download file to see previous pages Still, globalization transforms natural environment and cultural spheres of all countries brining new threats and financial capitals. There are different views and understandings of the problem of global warming, its significance and threat for the population (Friedman, 2000). The progress of globalization increases environmental degradation and extension of wild life. Improved transportation facilities and immigration led to occupation of new territories and lands. The world has yet to face a more important environmental policy decision than that to be made about controlling greenhouse-gas emissions. Striking a balance between the implied threat and those immense costs is an imposing challenge. The relationship between pollution and global warming is a complex one (Bengtsson and Saito 2003).
The progress of globalization leads to technology exchange and increased production. The result is increased pollution in all geographical areas of the world. Assessments of the impacts of global climate change are frequently based on estimates of biophysical changes, particularly potential changes in agricultural yields and water resources. The direct approach traces the impact of a specific change in a physical input variable (such as temperature) on yields or biomass, and then, through a series of steps, to impacts on economy and society. This type of assessment relies on (and is often limited to) physical models of the climate, water balance, and vegetation growth. The main problem is that this policy would deepen economic differences between the countries and worsens the situation in developing countries. Concerns over the ramifications of the flexibility mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol remain, less developed countries have become less skeptical and more receptive as the structure of the mechanisms evolves and as understanding of the mechanisms and their potential benefits to less developed countries becomes clearer. The principal concern appears to revolve around the possible imposition of emissions targets or other additional obligations on less developed countries. Meanwhile, less developed countries called for unremitting efforts to combat climate change by adhering to the established principles and goals, and implied that less developed countries would welcome an agreement on the implementation of the Kyoto mechanisms. The central piece of the Kyoto Protocol is, of course, its legally binding emission commitments for Annex I Parties which, assuming compliance, will together lead to a reduction in emissions from 1990 levels for that group of parties of around 5.2 per cent (Wade et al 2006).
The worldwide publicity that proposed carbon taxes are drawing merits some special attention. From at least one standpoint, a tax strategy in the climate context is easier to defend than taxes in the more familiar contexts of domestic water or air basin pollution. As we saw, in those situations taxes were complicated by the fact that damage from the same chemical agent can vary considerably, depending on the point of release-whether upwind or upstream of a large population center, for example. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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