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Hispanic Gangs - Essay Example

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The rising rate of crime is a very serious issue which cannot be overlooked by any country. The rising rate of crime goes to show that the values instilled in children by their parents have been long forgotten. Each and every day there are numerous instances of crime taking place across the globe, No country is free from crime, it does matter where a person is, he/she is ought to witness a criminal activity be it on a small scale or for that matter on a large scale basis…
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Hispanic Gangs
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Extract of sample "Hispanic Gangs"

Download file to see previous pages During a time of recession, this information sheds more light on the impact crime has on our society. Combined with the very real struggle law enforcement agencies face to retain employees and maintain budgets, the report signals a very serious factor degrading our communities." (US Crime Affects Economy, 13 March 2009).
"There are about 500 Sureo Hispanic gangs in Los Angeles County representing over 50% of the gang memberbership. They are more geographically distributed throughout the region and are found in significant numbers in the San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, the Beach communities, Long Beach, Compton and South Los Angeles." (Hispanic Gangs in Los Angeles, 13 March 2009). The 18th street gang is very popular when it comes to Hispanic gangs in LA. The number of members of this gang range between 8000-15000 gang members. It is believed that this gang originated from the Clanton 14 street gang, the gang is further subdivided into 5 parts in order to ensure a better functioning of the gang. Most of the members belonging to this gang are of the Mexican origin and it was initially decided that only Mexican citizens would be allowed to join this gang, this was however altered later on. The gang does not have a central leader and it is fair to say that it is loosely structured. There is no leader to lead the gang and to take care of the smooth functioning of this gang. The members of this gang function individually; they however join hands when a rival gang attacks their gang. The members of this gang are easily identified by the tattoos on their body. Every gang member has the tattoo of no 18 on their body in order to make the identification process easier.
"Some estimates of the 18th are as low as 8,000 members. The notoriety of the gang is based on four distinct barrios, three near downtown Los Angeles west of the Staple's Center and the 110 Freeway, and one in the West Adams area." (18th Street Gang in Los Angeles County, 13 March 2009).
The no 18 is displayed with the help of a tattoo and it is usually in roman numbers. There is another tattoo that is mutually exclusive to this gang. Most of the members have the tattoo of BEST on some part of their body or the other. The word indicates that their gang is the best in the vicinity or may be the best in the world. The gang members have to follow strict rules in order to be gang members, they are restricted from making use of any hard drug like crack cocaine. If the gang members violate the rules of the gang, they are usually beaten up for 18 seconds for minor offences and executed for serious breach of the rules. The 18th street gang recruits young children and this practice is really bad in short term as well as long term. Thus this gang is often called Children's Army because of their practice of recruiting young children. The gang members expertise in drug trafficking, making illegal documents, exchange of arms and other serious criminal activities.
US lead in terms of the financial loss incurred by a country because of criminal activities. There are so many gangs in the US which operate depending on the area ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Hispanic Gangs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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... in high-crime, socially disadvantaged neighborhoods (Thornberry et al., 2003) In the sub-urban and rural areas there has been a spurt in gang membership. Gangs began to take root as many immigrants could not cope up with the culture of their adopted homeland and thereby could not assimilate themselves within the new society. These immigrants formed gangs to forge an identity for themselves and took up the role of alternative family providing support to the members. Such gangs also provided its male and female members protection. One of the very distinctive characteristics of gang members are that most of them come from the male minority groups such as Hispanic, African and Asian countries. Other distinctive characteristics...
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...?Running Head: GANGS Gangs Gangs Gang is considered as one of the problematic issues in different countries andin the United States. The definition of the word varies but it is commonly noted as a group of three or more people joined by a common purpose commonly bad, destructive or criminal in nature depending on the background of the group. In terms of legal definition, the members of gangs commonly violate laws on a regular basis (Kinnear, 2009, p.40). A more specific definition by Sandra Gardner in 1983 defined gang as “an organization of young people from early teens to early twenties, with a specific name and claims a particular territory, has regular meetings and distinct leaders, and exhibits the most important factor...
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... each other in the commission of delinquent or criminal activities (Larence, 2010). These group behaviors can be lowly organized while others can be quite sophisticated as to be termed as organized criminal gangs with organized crime networks as the case is with big cities in the US. There are many reasons why gangs are formed with some being more significant than others. The following are the major reasons why they are formed together with what they offer to their members. Social discrimination and rejection In the United States there is considerable ethnic and racial discrimination due to the presence of Hispanic, White, Indian and Black populations (Larence, 2010). There has been tension among these groups and gangs are formed to cater...
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...: (2006) stressed that "The court that takes up the cases where there is an involvement of children below eighteen years of age and who are dependant, abused, or out of control. But the cases which has been charged on the under age child as adult cannot be tried in this court. Juvenile Courts 3 A critic claimed, "It is impossible to eradicate juvenile delinquencies if we don't delve on the roots why these things happen." True enough, like most of the crimes and problems, their roots must be eradicated to prevent further harm. In recent studies, most children are involved in gangs and similar organizations solely on the basis of peer pressure in which most of them tend to believe that they should be involved...
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..., texture, hairline Forehead height and skin texture Nose shape both overall and for the nostrils Eyes color, shape, eyebrow and eyelash heaviness as well as nature Ear size and prominence Cheek location whether high or low, wrinkles prominence, are they filled out or flesh sunken? Chin shape and nature Mouth description of the lips; thin, full level, turned up or down Facial hair present- goatee, sideburns, clean shaven, unshaven, or mustache Complexion Example suspect description The mugging occurred at the union street train station at six o’clock in the evening. There was only one attacker armed with a knife. The suspect was a Hispanic male in his mid twenties, about six feet tall and weighed around 200 pounds. He had black hair...
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The gangs are responsible for illegal drug distribution and their participation in such activities has risen to heights which have enabled them to compete with major U.S.-based Mexican illegal drug organizations. In the last 10 years, the population of gangs has risen to extraordinary and seemingly uncontrolled heights with about 900,000 gang members living within local communities in the country and about 147,000 seen in the US prisons or jails. Federal reports from across the United States also reveal that state and local enforcement agencies have criminal gangs active in their areas from 45% in 2004 to 58% in 2009. These gangs have also updated and upgraded their criminal activities to include the Internet, electronic mail and...
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Social justice and related topics dealing with racial inequality in America are popular because they drive a pessimistic agenda. But, from my own experience, the pessimism of some (particularly people in the academic and nonprofit sectors) just is not true. Personally, I am optimistic about the future of race relations in America, looking simply at my own community in Boston, Massachusetts, where members of different races work and live in a similar area, part of a homogenous working class that has economic troubles, not racial troubles, on their mind.
Members of my community look like me—and every other race one would expect in the city of Boston. I am Hispanic, and I live in a working-class neighborhood that is the hom...
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... with it. On the other hand, the “culture of poverty” as developed by Lewis proposes that society develops value system that propagates poverty and to its members. It did not offer mechanisms to deal with poverty and sees society just to perpetuate already established poverty mechanisms. II. GangsGangs are usually due to the effects of immigration of new ethnic groups into a new territory that are often poor and resented by dominant groups. The various reasons for gang formation differ from one ethnic group to the next, and may be due to protection, pride or revenue. a) Significantly, the ban on gang formation around 1980s-1990s led to a considerable reduction in the number of gang groupings formed per year, while others became more...
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Prison gangs have mutated from a small entity to something monumental with ideas that are philosophical and fundamental. The number of gangs and team members continues to grow in the United States. This has been the case in the last two decades of the 20th century. A study carried out in 1999, in the United States, showed that about 25% were male prisoners while only three percent were women (Shelden, 2004). In addition, some states demonstrate the high number of gangs compared to others. The prison gangs were first reported in the state of Washington in California, in 1957. A decade later, they appeared in other states such as Illinois. Early prison gangs spread through transfers or re-arrests of gang members in another jurisdict...
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