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A Vision for Tel Aviv - Case Study Example

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100 years ago, on 11 April, 1909 a group of families founded the city of Tel Aviv on the land they had jointly purchased. Thus, Tel Aviv, the first Hebrew city and one that already boasts a World Heritage Site celebrates its centenary this year.
A centennial anniversary is indeed an important event in the history of any city and so also Tel Aviv has planned a year long celebration starting this month of April, 2009on a scale possibly unprecedented in variety and expenditure that started with much fanfare.
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A Vision for Tel Aviv
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Extract of sample "A Vision for Tel Aviv"

A Vision for Tel Aviv 100 years ago, on 11 April, 1909 a group of families founded the of Tel Aviv on the land they had jointly purchased. Thus,Tel Aviv, the first Hebrew city and one that already boasts a World Heritage Site celebrates its centenary this year.
A centennial anniversary is indeed an important event in the history of any city and so also Tel Aviv has planned a year long celebration starting this month of April, 2009on a scale possibly unprecedented in variety and expenditure that started with much fanfare.
The celebrations include every possible aspect and people from resident nationals to the tourists.
Through all the razzle-dazzle of pomp and show, the glitter of pageantry and the splendor of national celebrations some see a somber cloud of misgiving and even remorse looming on their horizons.
The issues that arrest these sensitive minds are ones that are neglected the world over:
Who benefits from these celebrations The 'haves' not the 'have-nots'.
What is the purpose of these celebrations Is it a self glorification by those in authority or an assurance of a good life for the junta, the refugee, and the downtrodden
How is the colossal expenditure justified when we have destitutes in the sidelines
Before we celebrate do we not need to address the gnawing problem of war, hurt and terror on our own land
Before we celebrate a past that was based on an ideology that may not be entirely relevant today, do we not need to chalk out a path for the future towards a goal and vision that hundred years later would be truly worthy of celebration
A small yet firm step has already been taken in schools such as the Bialik-Rogozin School. Here may be seen a working model for the future. Hypocrisy has no place here- there are no 'third-class Israelis' here.( Derfner , 'Third-class Israelis')
Indeed Rabbi Mark S. Diamond found a lesson for all of us to during his visit to the school.
During that visit a student was asked how all of them got along so well in the school. His answer- "We are all human beings and we treat each other equally" prompted the Rabbi to write, "We should listen and learn from this radiant gem of youthful wisdom. We are all God's children, created in the Divine image. Our sacred task is to see the Divine in one another, and to brighten and restore God's image here on earth." (Diamond, Religious Leaders of Greater Los Angeles Mission to Rome & Jerusalem)
Could we not as we celebrate the centenary commit ourselves to making Tel Aviv not just a Jewish city but a world city that upholds the ideals of humanity, of peace, equality and dignity
Then and only then, it is firmly believed that our future generations will have something spectacular to celebrate 100 years from now.
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Derfner ,Larry. 'Third-class Israelis', The Jerusalem Post, 27 March 2008. Retrieved on 15 April, 2009.
Diamond, Rabbi Mark S. Executive Vice President, Board of Rabbis of Southern California, Religious Leaders of Greater Los Angeles Mission to Rome & Jerusalem, January 29, 2008. . Retrieved on 15 April, 2009. Read More
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A Vision for Tel Aviv Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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