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Therapy in Counselling - Essay Example

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The purpose of this paper is to bring into the core several concepts as they have been suggested by our two theorists with regard to therapy in counselling. The theorists, Maturana whose profession is a biologist and Rorschach give divergent and similar views in regards to the way a counsellor should handle their clients in a counselling session.
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Therapy in Counselling

Download file to see previous pages... He states that from knowledge, evolves curriculum and this is as a result of society's cultural, social and political forces. He goes on to say that living systems are interconnected and open to the flow of molecules thus their behaviour is what happens in the interaction between the organism and a medium.
The language system has been proposed by Rorschach. Rorschach advances several ways in which the counsellor can employ so that the counsellor can get the best results during the counselling session. The arguments or methods laid down by Rorschach include the use of social construction, Rorschach and the preferred view, use of self information method, the use of Rorschach laddering procedure, the use of Rorschach pyramid procedure and finally the use of personal constructivism. Rorschach believes that employment of two or more of the methods mentioned above during a counselling session will have extensive and conclusive results rather than the use of one (Raskin, 2001).
The first similarity between the articles presented by the two theorists comes in when they talk about solving problems. Both of them agree that there should be a collaboration of people in solving a problem, be it between a teacher and a student, a client and a counsellor or between a wife and a husband
Both theorists believe in r...
3. First point of difference
Apart from the similarities above, the theorists differ also in a number of concepts. One of the concepts is the issue dealing with knowledge. While Maturana says that knowledge is all about interpersonal relationships, Rorschach sees knowledge in terms of living organisms trying to fit to constrains of their environment.
4. Second point of difference
The second point of difference comes in terms of the viewpoints that each support in the counselling process. Rorschach supports the use of multiple viewpoints while dealing with clients. Maturana on the other hand is not for the idea but rather says a single viewpoint is enough to diagnose and solve a problem (Joy, 1994).
The theorists advanced above can serve well in a counselling session. Depending on the kind of problem to be tackled, then both theorists have a case to bring forward. The paper observes that Rorschach ways or methods of handling a counselling session would best serve in a complicated problem. Such a problem includes that which has no instant cure or solution and one that requires proper scrutiny of the factors that brought out the problem. Maturana's solution is not that complicated and thus it can be applied to a majority of problems that are not complicated or it involves only a number of minor issues. The minor issues must be minimal in number.

Joy, M. (1994). Maturana's Biology and Some Possible Implication for Education.
Retrieved August 31, 2009, from
Raskin, J. D. (2001). Constructivism and Projective Assessment of Meaning in
Rorschach Administration. Journal of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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