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Sabines Identity Crisis - Book Report/Review Example

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Sabine is the main protagonist in The Magician's Assistant by Ann Patchett. She sees her role as the magician's assistant and suffers an identity crisis as her role is lost after the death of her magician. This essay examines how Sabine progresses in discovering her new identity without her magician.
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Sabines Identity Crisis
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Extract of sample "Sabines Identity Crisis"

Download file to see previous pages They receive a warm welcome at the Magic Castle and are greeted warmly by everyone there. The owner, Monty, even offers Sabine a job to perform there. The narration provides flashbacks to the scenes with Parsifal when he was still alive. Parsifal says to Sabine; '"You could get someone to help you. You could even get an assistant of your own."' (Patchett 95). Parsifal thinks that Sabine is capable of assuming his place because she has the necessary skills. He sees her as capable as himself and unconsciously equates her as somewhat masculine. Sabine refused Parsifal's request to conduct her own magic show then and now she refuses Monty on exactly the same request too. Sabine appears fixed in her stance as a magician's assistant and cannot reconcile to changes. She admires Salvio, who picks up the pieces after being introduced to Parsifal's family, never letting on that Parsifal had told him that his family was dead. Sabine knows that she cannot pick up the pieces and move on smoothly like the way Salvio does. Sabine finds a little comfort in her role as Parsifal's widow because she is glad that the magicians come over to speak to Dot and Bertie. However, Sabine feels the loss of Parsifal even more and the pressure is closing in on her. (Patchett 97).
Sabine sees herself only as the magician Parsifal's assistant. ...
(Patchett 98). Sabine thinks that she only worked as the magician's assistant because she loved Parsifal. Sabine is partially right because when Sam Spender calls her up to perform as the assistant for him, Sabine is overcome by stage fright, sadness and nostalgia for Parsifal and she cannot carry on for Sam. She cannot concentrate on the hard work that is required from her to perform the trick. She cannot be Sam Spender's assistant because she feels that she can only work for Parsifal.
Sabine has an identity crisis that is shown when she has difficulty accepting compliments about her physical looks. She maybe lacking in confidence in her image as the magician's assistant or that she is indifferent to her own looks. Bertie praises Sabine in her photograph but Sabine brushed away the compliment with this; '"We're both wearing too much makeup," she said, and flipped it aside.' (Patchett 112). Dot Fetters defends Bertie's opinion and is angry at Sabine's indifference. Patchett writes in this part as an opening to build up the suspense and mystery surrounding Sabine's attitude towards herself. She has unfeminine traits like wearing men's clothing. She wears Phan's and Parsifal's clothes. She thinks nothing of it because she is unaware of her own identity.
Sabine has an identity crisis because she has dominant parents who have influenced her upbringing and continue to dominate over her with their opinions. Even when Sabine is far away in Nebraska, she imagines her overbearing parents lecturing her. The narration says; 'Sabine saw her parents standing just inside the kitchen door. Her father did not look judgmental, only sad.' ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sabines Identity Crisis Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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