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Graphics and Illustrations - Essay Example

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Graphics and illustrations is a type of artwork that is one of the most famous works in today's world. With the immense growth of print and electronic media, advertising gets famous day by day. And advertising cannot be thought without graphics and illustrations…
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Graphics and Illustrations
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Download file to see previous pages Below, two graphic designers are discussed and both of them belong to totally different times. The first graphic designer discussed is Robert Brownjohn. He was one of the famous graphic designers in 1950's and 1960's. He designed the title of James Bond movies and did a lot of other remarkable work. The second graphic designer discussed is David Carson. He is one of the most famous graphic designers of today's world. He worked with the famous brands of today's world. The brands he worked with include Pepsi Cola, Nike, Armani etc. The similarity between the both designers is that they both experimented with the typography and both of them are considered to be the first one in this regard.
Graphic designer is a person who is expert in graphic designing and art. His job is to work in graphics professionally and give illustrations to his customers according to their need. They deal with the images, typography and videos. They put them together and create a piece of graphics or illustrations. Their job is to develop graphics and illustrations for advertising purpose mostly. Their work is published and printed in newspapers and magazines and also is displayed on the electronic media. People expect the work of graphic designer to be perfect and aesthetic. The aesthetic sense of the designer plays an important role in this process. People pay him for not only his skills but his aesthetic sense.
With the rise of twentieth century, world saw the rise of graphi...
So it could be said that print media played and important role in developing the graphics and illustrations.
The electronic media played very important role in development of graphics and illustrations. Televisions and cinema gave a bigger platform to the advancement of graphics and illustrations. And then comes the computer graphics and internet. It could be said that internet provided a bigger canvas to the designers. They can improve their work and can also share it with other designers. This helps them in improving and polishing their talents. Graphics designers can display their work all over the world through internet. And it is a great development for them.
While taking a look at the history of the graphics and illustrations, it becomes clear that the start of graphics took place in 1820 with the industrial revolution. Though at that time, they were called the pattern makers. In US, it starts in 1920, when consumer society emerged. Different commercial artists, advertisers and illustrators came up with their ideas and started graphics and illustrations as their profession and sooner it became an important industry.
Robert Brownjohn
Robert Brownjohn was a famous graphic designer of his time. He was born in 1925 and died in 1970. Most of his work is in typography and graphics. He was an initiator of computer graphics in New York during 1950's and in London during 1960's. So his contribution to computer graphics cannot be ignored. His work includes the designing of the title of James Bond's movies. He developed the graphics of Robert Fraser Gallery. Another work that increased his fame was the artwork that he designed for Rolling Stone musical group. He got a great affection with music and it is obvious ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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