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The Increasing Role of Islam in Terrorism - Essay Example

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Islam is perceived by many of its followers to be the true religion and a number of Muslim fundamentalist groups around the world believed that terrorism is doing a great service to the betterment of Islam. Suicide bombings, hijacking, destruction of lives and properties, senseless killings, and mass murders are all executed in the name of Allah…
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The Increasing Role of Islam in Terrorism
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Extract of sample "The Increasing Role of Islam in Terrorism"

Download file to see previous pages The psychological state of suicide bombers before they perform the final stage of their mission and what are the benefits promised by Islam that encouraged the Muslim youth to do such horrible and destructive sacrifices. This paper also analyzes the true intentions of terrorist and why Islam is spreading like wildfire in the four corners of the globe. Finally, the paper will make an assessment of the global situation and the threats imposed by Islamic fundamentalism that are waiting to devour the innocent peace loving men, women and children of the western world.
The religion of Islam is the fastest growing religion throughout the world, with over 1.5 billion Muslims throughout the world at present. The meaning of Islam is peace and forsaking ones pleasure for the pleasure of God. Many practitioners of Islam are peaceful and tolerant of other religions and beliefs. While there have been conflicts between Muslims and followers of other faiths throughout the centuries since the Islamic religion developed over 1,400 years ago. However, the rise of violent acts by Islamic extremists in the 20th and early 21st centuries, such as the attacks of 9/11, have made world leaders take notice of the growing threat and realize that it continues to grow. We cannot label all Muslims as dangerous and extremist, but the amount of followers willing to hurt and kill others and themselves in the name of Allah, in order to further their cause have increased dramatically throughout the years. This research paper will explore what has happened within the Islamic community to turn Islam from a peaceful and accepting religion to one that is synonymous with brutality, death and terrorism.
Today is probably not the first time you are going to read that Islam is a religion of peace and it does not permit Muslims to kill innocent and defenseless people. Its practically everywhere, type the words in your internet browser and you will find hundreds of articles authored by Arabs and supporters claiming Islam is innocent and not to be blame for the chain of ruthless and barbaric terrorism attacks around the world. Some of them even have the nerve to point their fingers to the west accusing the Americans of making false connection between Islam and Terrorism. It is true that we cannot label Muslims as terrorist and we do believe that majority of them are god fearing and peace loving people. However, the reality that the teachings of Islam encourages fundamentalist to brutally slaughter innocent people, men, women, and children are absolutely not anyone's idea of a peaceful religion and somebody or something must be responsible for it.
The increasing role of Islam in terrorism is not entirely surprising considering the fact those Islamic extremists are using the doctrines of Islam to justify their killings. Furthermore, If we are going to consult some of the teachings of Islam or shall we say the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) through the articles written by their scholars, we will come across some terrifying verses in the Qur'an1 that undeniably encourages violence. Since it is the source of inspiration by Islamic extremist, the study of Islamic teaching is vital in learning the truth behind the persistent and increasing propagation of terrorism against western countries and unbelievers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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