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Ethnic American - Personal Statement Example

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Recent updates show that the United States population is growing by 2.5 million annually. The number of ethnic groups is increasing in the US considerably, but it is still considered a very small portion. If we look at the 2000 census, which took place in the US; the whites (majority) compromise of 75.1%, where as Hispanics are 12.5%, African Americans or commonly known as Black make-up of 12.3%, Asians make-up of 3.7% and Native Americans make-up of 0.9%.
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Ethnic American
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Extract of sample "Ethnic American"

Download file to see previous pages The family values of our people are extremely strong and we have strong family bonds. Even in the time when we were slaves and the families were separated and sold as slaves, we still have strong family bonds. The old members of the family pass the cultural and social heritage to the young members of the family and in return the younger members take care of their old. Our families provide strength and support to each other and even in our communities.
Spiritual values are considered important for our people. The elders and the parents develop emotional and spiritual values and needs in the young African American so that their transition into adulthood is easy and it would prepare them for it as well. With the help of these spiritual values the young ones learn to change and grow and develop in terms of emotions, morals etc.
Gender roles, as you know means the attitude, behaviour, responsibilities and activities of a male and female in a society. When we talk about gender roles among African American people it is given that the financial provider in the family would be the male. But they also agree to the fact that male and the female should share the responsibility of raising a child together and sharing the duties of housework. And we also believe that there is a lot of female discrimination in the society.
Even though the US claims to be a country of free thinkers and promotes free speech through out the world as their ultimate quality. We still see that they contain a certain amount of biasness towards us the African Americans. If our background is from the rougher part of society getting an education becomes practically impossible. Even though the US society says that they help out all kinds of people regardless of sect or culture we still have problem when we want to educate ourselves further and if we do not posses the financial backing or if we don't talk or sound or act or dress the way they think is right then they discriminate us in the basis that our society is filled with no do-gooders and that we do not deserve a chance to better ourselves with a good quality education. We are discriminated as a whole and nobody pays attention to our personal values and they do not even look at the fact whether we are capable of educating ourselves and that we do not posses the drive to rise higher than our immediate circumstances and our willing to work hard to achieve our goal and further improve ourselves.
There is an income gap between the white families and black families. And if we look back and see that the African Americans earn only 65% of the wages when comparing to the wages of the white people. And if we go back in time and see when the country was facing economic problems the people who mostly suffered were; we the African Americans in regards of employment. And we still face the problem of unemployment or under-employment. We are considered as people who are lazy and no do-gooders.
Generational differences play a vital role in changing the attitudes and behaviours of people. And we can see that it is happening in the African American society. As we can see this generation of African Americans is facing heir issues and problems related to racism and discrimination ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ethnic American Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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