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Schooling - Case Study Example

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The paper is a narrative of Brad a 20 year old male whose values are behaviour are not appropriate due to poor enculturation. data was collected through a face to face interview and data was analyzed by analysing Brad life history and his character traits, behaviour and values…
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Extract of sample "Schooling"

Qualitative research: Introduction: The paper is a narrative of Brad a 20 year old male whose values are behaviour are not appropriate due to poor enculturation. data was collected through a face to face interview and data was analyzed by analysing Brad life history and his character traits, behaviour and values. The case study helps discuss the importance of education and enculturation with reference to anthropological theories. the main of this paper is to highlight the importance of enculturation of individuals in an appropriate social system.
Topic studied:
The main topic studies in the case study is enculturation, according to the author indivudal acquire behaviours through the interaction with indivudals in the social system. the author also highlights the importance of education in the enculturation process. the author analysis Brad's behaviour who grew to adopt antisocial behaviour.
Procedures used to gather data:
The method used to gather data was a face to face interview, Brad who is the respondent is interviewed by the author whereby the respondent narrates his life history and this helps the author to compare his behavior with anthropological theories.
Method of data analysis:
Data is analyzed by comparing the character traits of Brad with appropriate character traits of others, Brad life history helps in identifying the importance of an appropriate social system that will ensure adoption of appropriate behavior.
Major conclusions:
From the paper major conclusions are that education plays other major roles other than schooling, this include helping individuals to adopt socially acceptable behaviors whereby individuals adopt cultural traits that control behavior. the paper highlights the importance of proper enculturation in developement of socially acceptable behaviour, from the case study Brad was not raised in an appropriate social system and therefore this has led to some antisocial traits.
Harry F. Wolcott , Adequate schooling and inadequate education: The life of a sneaky kid. Read More
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