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Film Blade Runner - Movie Review Example

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Movies have always been a base for the reflection of thoughts and notions of varied issues. They not only act as a reflection of society, but also as a medium to express concerns, question beliefs and speculate over future tendencies…
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Film Blade Runner
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Extract of sample "Film Blade Runner"

Download file to see previous pages The movie that was the trend-setter was the Blade Runner.
This movie ahs been a fore-runner of sorts, in many ways. For instance, it delves into science and genetics, it also gets into concepts like globalization, climate change, over-population and cyber-punk, to a name some prominent issues. While these issues are common concerns of today, the film voiced the same in 1982! This definitely makes it a futuristic approach.
This write-up attempts to examine the theme of humanity in the movie. It portrays the 'replicants' who are similar to human, but are products of genetically engineered scientific processes. These replicant criminals are hunted down by the 'blade runners', who are the police. The events that occur and the twists the plot takes, are reflective of problems that menace today's world. The most striking one of these problems, is that of genetically engineered lives. Thus, the movie is explicitly built around the theme of humanity, as juxtaposed against the phenomenon of genetically engineered replicas.
'Humanity' as a theme in Blade Runner comes across in a number of contexts. Humanity is portrayed as the initial superior force in the movie, which is taken over by artificial intelligence, created by the same humans. It is due to this that a number of problems arise. Humanity and Pseudo-Humanism are portrayed with panache in a variety of venues. The following is analyses into the same.
In today's fast paced modern world, technology has redefined possibilities. Over the years, technology has revolutionized our lives to the extent that they have more often than not, substituted human action. After the building of such high tech applications and devices, man's attempt has been towards constructing technology that can replicate human beings. The artificial intelligence is one such example. In the process, we do tend to rethink and re-describe, what is distinctively 'human'. In other words, we have been seeking to replicate humans suing technology and have in turn been striving to identify what is humanly 'human'.
"As we give our machines selected human characteristics to make them more efficient, they will tend to discover humanity in their own unique way, rising above their 'specifications' to actually become human..These films document how 'human' technology will always assume more human characteristics. They suggest that to be human is to reach some state of equilibrium. In other words, an entity initially bestowed with any combination of human related characteristics will spontaneously approach a more stable state through the passage of time, like a chemical system out of equilibrium. Just as we grow uniformly content through our venerable years, artificially created beings grow increasingly human with age. Roy, designed as a fierce "combat model," has ironically grown to be a poetically rich man and draws our attention to the pertinent issues of Blade Runner by the elegant efficiency of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Film Blade Runner Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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