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Garden Creation - PowerPoint Presentation Example

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Gardens as a matter of fact exist in physical spaces as well as in people's minds. Mental image that creators have of their gardens is represented by most physical gardens yet; the objective reality doesn't always match the subjective one. How the mental images of gardens impact the creation of a physical garden will be discussed by this paper, likewise variety of factors which affect both the gardener's image and the garden place.
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Garden Creation
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Extract of sample "Garden Creation"

Download file to see previous pages Influencing the concept of a garden and how it becomes a reality is the availability of money and time as well as cultural and social factors.
Liable to affect their vision of a garden and their aesthetic preferences is the gardener's environmental history which shows their experience with and exposure to gardens. Meanings are given to gardens through personal, collective and cultural processes.
To discover how the mental image of a garden is translated into a physical reality, we will conduct interviews with gardeners over time. Using a photographic method and a longitudinal approach, we will capture the process of 'how do' people create their gardens and turn the dream into the reality. Along with verbal explanation, a photo elicitation method whereby gardeners will photograph their gardens at different points in time will allow us to understand the factors influencing the gardener's image as well as the garden shape and character.
To get your garden started; a fairly important step is choosing a border. The well-being of the plants might not actually be affected, since having a garden is a fairly aesthetic ordeal for many people so, usually one will want to choose between wood and metal. One can actually stack up boards around the perimeter of one's garden, thereby giving it a nice cabin like look. If a more modern look is preferred, one can obtain some metal lining at local home improvement store rather cheap, and installation is not that difficulty.

Likely to be a little bit more challenging is how to find something nice-looking to support your plants. At times, a short metal pole may work well, but a wire mesh will be needed often for plants such as tomatoes so as to enable it to pull itself up on. These can be found at any gardening store, usually, they are pre-shaped in a sort of cone shape that is ideal for plants. The plant grows up through it, and normally it last until the plant is grown enough to support itself. After that one can just snip it free with a pair of wire-cutters.
Garden Placing and Attachment
Gardens do take up physical space, but they are also places with added meaning. A place has to have 3 sufficient and necessary features bundled together in one piece, namely material form or physicality, a given geographic location, and an investment in its value and meaning. It can therefore be said that only space alone, that is detached from cultural interpretation and material form cannot make up a place. Rather, "a physical space becomes a place when it encompasses such things as identity or memory. Places can depict a sense of control or mastery over the environment which relates to self identity, and the molding of a space to reflect who we believe we are. Places are also flexible and changeable over time, which is especially apparent with gardens." ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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