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Supporting Statement for Nursing School Program - Admission/Application Essay Example

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It will be eight (8) years to today since I, Ana Calderon, was introduce to the world of patient care. My initiation started with my work as a registrar in a medical center. It was there that I watched nurses administer to patients of various illnesses and infirmities…
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Supporting Statement for Nursing School Program
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Extract of sample "Supporting Statement for Nursing School Program"

Supporting ment (School of Nursing) It will be eight (8) years to today since I, Ana Calderon, was introduce to the world of patient care. My initiation started with my work as a registrar in a medical center. It was there that I watched nurses administer to patients of various illnesses and infirmities. Perhaps it was during this time that the seeds of wanting to be a nurse were planted in me. But coming from a family of individuals with no college background, I did not know where to begin to translate this yearning into reality.
Soon I became secretary of the surgical services of the same medical center. The position exposed me further to healthcare, and as a consequence gave supplementary reinforcement to my earlier interests in nursing. And the more exposed I was, the more restless I became to be able to do a more hands-on type of involvement in patient care. I was not contented anymore to stay on the sidelines doing administrative functions. It is true, that nursing as a profession is one of the most demanding, and most taxing, physically, mentally and emotionally. I've (also) seen this first hand. Nonetheless, my earlier fascination still transformed itself into a serious passion.
I became more and more interested with the human body and healthcare issues. I had always thought the human body is an absolutely fascinating system, even more so with health and disease, and how medicines can alter the state of each. I also became more envious with the psychic rewards the nurses in the staff would receive every time they are able to help a patient, every time they are able to alleviate suffering, and, every time they are able to gladden a heart.
Despite the yearning, I had not planned a career path early on. Having no guidance from anyone was a challenge. But still I was lucky. After a year of working as materials manager for my current boss, when I happened to mention my desire to pursue nursing, she took it upon herself to guide and help me through the process of college application.
Getting a (nursing) degree will be a "first" in my family in the pursuance of further education. The greater accomplishment, though, will be in having set a role model for my daughter, that with hard work, anything is possible in life.
Now I am in the doorstep of making my dream of becoming a nurse come true. Perchance, I will still be asked, "Why nursing" Why, indeed On the surface, I want to be a nurse because it will give me a career I can happily live with. More importantly, though, it is also a career I'd hate to think, I'd live without, as it is a calling that can give one a chance to daily "pay forward". As all aspects of nursing is directed to helping patients at the frontline, it does give face and heart to healthcare delivery, that other healthcare career options do not have. This greater involvement, for me, is a chance and a way to make a better difference in someone else's life. And that is something I want my life to be deeply involved in. Read More
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