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Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald - Book Report/Review Example

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F. Scott Fitzgerald in this book recreates the roaring 20's awashed with newly acquired wealth and opulence due to the economic boom that followed World War I. The Great Bull Market created a new, lavish lifestyle which the characters wallow in. Jay Gatsby, Tom and Daisy Buchanan, Jordan Baker and the rest of the bacchanalian party revelers, fresh from the human carnage that was the dire result of World War I, all tried to erase the grim memory of that war and lose themselves in the pursuit of wealth, social status, and endless pleasure in the form of lavish, fabulous parties; bedecking of jewelry and fantastic costumes; wild dancing of the Charleston with wild jazz music as background; t…
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Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Download file to see previous pages... Love and nobility of intentions had to take a backseat to wealth, pecuniary stability and power. Gatsby, gripped by the desire to recreate the romantic interlude with Daisy that was abruptly ceased, chose to be a lawbreaker, defying the 18th Amendment to the Constitution which "prohibited the manufacture, transport or sale of intoxicating liquors" and showing to us that this Prohibition was a fatal mistake because it merely created an urgent demand for alcoholic drinks which bootleggers like Gatsby supplied through their speakeasies. Thus, criminal syndicate members, like Gatsby sprouted and formed the nouveau riche. Nick Carraway by abandoning the moral decay, cynicism and corruption of values and crass materialism that pervaded New York and returning to the Midwest where values, idealism and morality had been untarnished showed us that there is a gaping culture clash between the East Coast, represented by New York and the West, represented by Missouri. Jordan Baker, meanwhile represents the new female of the era,
independent, daring, competitive, a product of the burgeoning feminist movement.
Fitzgerald deftly pulls the strings to stage-manage his characters. Gatsby and Daisy were formers lovers in Kentucky but Daisy married the affluent bullyTom, because of his money and social status. Gatsby, pursued the dream of recovering his deified inamorata, by bootlegging. In fact, the text shows us that Gatsby is willing to do anything, legal or illegal, to gain the social status of immense wealth which he demed necessary to snatch back Daisy from Tom's arms. Through Nick, who later became his confidante and through Jordan, Gatsby and Daisy rekindled an affair to the consternation of Tom, who despite carrying an adulterous affair with Myrtle, George Wilson's wife, was outraged and unmasked Gatsby as a bootlegger. When Myrtle was run over by the car driven by Daisy, Tom pointed to George, Gatsby as the one who snuffed the life of his wife. Livid with anger, George killed the disconsolate Gatsby, who was heartbroken with the realization that Daisy preferred the social status and financial stability that Tom can always provide her than Gatsby's love.
Nick is the conscience that sorts out what is decadent, corrupt, hollow and perverted from what is noble, admirable and sincere. Daisy represents the deified icon who is unworthy of Gatsby's love because she is flawed, weak and possessing of corrupted, warped values. Tom represents the bratty, spoiled ultra-rich who believes his wealth gives him the license to be brutal, licentious and inconsiderate to the feelings of others. Gatsby represents the quixotic dreamer whose life is spent pursuing an impossible ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald
In an article written by Ellen McCartney in Washington Post on August 31st, 2012, love as a theme becomes made prominent. The article speaks of a young man in 2002, Hodnett, who loved a lady, Toya Via, though remained silent about it. Hodnett, at that time working for a landscaping company, had some of his friends push him over to Toya’s work place.
3 Pages(750 words)Book Report/Review
Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Great Gatsby is a novel on how Gatsby achieved his American Dream but lost everything eventually. His success is inconsequential to him without his love interest. He achieved wealth at the expense of his love life. Gatsby went away to earn his American Dream and Daisy got tired of waiting and married Tom Buchanan.
5 Pages(1250 words)Book Report/Review
Scott Fitzgerald's Great Gatsby
We learn about various characters through his perceptions. Nick being very honest has described the characters in an unbiased way and has put them forth as they are. He has done justice to Gatsby by making him a hero and by calling him 'The Great Gatsby'.
6 Pages(1500 words)Book Report/Review
Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald and Ceremony by Leslie Silko

The author claims that Ceremony, by Leslie Silko is a narrative of resilience and the protagonist overcomes the hardships and a series of challenges to reach the stipulated goal. Ceremony reminds us of the Grail stories where protagonist must prove his/her worth to be the worthy to be its presence.

9 Pages(2250 words)Book Report/Review
Great Gatsby Research Paper
Scott Fitzgerald's personal life, perspectives and motivations. It has been widely recognized in the various literary analyses of the work that the character of Jay Gatsby clearly depicts various aspects of the author's personality, although the narrator of the novel also represents vital elements in the life of the author.
8 Pages(2000 words)Book Report/Review
The Great Gasby
The Great Gatsby is a very popular novel, and today nearly all critics agree that it is a great one. But what makes it great What does the greatness of Gatsby and Fitzgerald's novel consist of Probably no one is able to give a complete answer to that question.
5 Pages(1250 words)Book Report/Review
Reaction to Theme of Great Gatsby
Daisy is married to Tom Buchanan.Nick stands in awe of them and relates the saga as if it were a fairy-tale come to life.For Gatsby and Daisy, life was a fairy-tale,filled with little reality,but rather the illusion that they created in their lives.Even the title conjures images of the performing magician.
6 Pages(1500 words)Book Report/Review
Love and romance in The Great Gatsby
Thesis. Jay Gatsby idealizes romance because it reminds him youth, his true feelings free from cupidity and greediness. Love to Daisy helps him to recreate his past and symbolizes realization of his secret dreams. Love of Daisy is the only thing he cannot possess, for this reason it becomes so desirable and attractive.
4 Pages(1000 words)Book Report/Review
Book Review on the FIRST 100 PAGES of the book The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald
Nick’s main interest is to learn more about bond business. His new neighbor is a wealthy man, Jay Gatsby who parties every
1 Pages(250 words)Book Report/Review
The Dilemmas of Nick Carraway
If someone is to interview him on the basis of his varied experiences and versatile background, the interviewer may be all but confused as Nick’s all-around abilities are going to baffle him. Nick is a multi-talented personality with varied
3 Pages(750 words)Book Report/Review
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