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Camera Positions in Strictly Ballroom - Movie Review Example

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'Strictly Ballroom' is the title of an Australian Romantic Comedy, which was a play in 1986 and later made into a movie in 1992. The film was written and directed by Baz Luhrmann and the story revolves around a ballroom dancer, Scott Hastings…
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Camera Positions in Strictly Ballroom
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"Camera Positions in Strictly Ballroom"

Download file to see previous pages He faces umpteen amount of resistance and criticism. Evidently Ballroom Dancing forms the crux of the story.
In the world of movie-making, the camera is one of the main sources of adding life to the story and the characters, by capturing the drama, emotions and characterization; which carry forward the whole essence of the storyline and the objective behind making the movie. Similarly, the Camera Movement in the movie captures the very essence of Ballroom Dancing! Since the whole movie revolves around dancing as its theme, the camera too lends free movement and style!
In the first few scenes in the movie that establish the dance movements, the camera is used to capture pan shots that sway from one side to the other and long shots. These camera movements set in the feel and mood of graceful dance movements, complementing them at each stage! In the next instance, when Latin dance movements comes into the forefront, the camera plays its role to the finesse, by capturing quick, fast-paced movements to carry home to the viewers, the agility associated with Latin dancing. This exhibits the impact the camera can create, in capturing pace!
As mentioned in the outline of the story, 'Strictly Ballroom' relates the efforts of Hastings to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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