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Several Topics(Psychology 101) - Essay Example

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Memory is a crucial brain function used as an important tool in dealing with organisms' daily tasks of doing things for learning and survival. It is as process by which living organisms store information in its brain and subsequently retrieve it for use in future activities…
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Several Topics(Psychology 101)
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Download file to see previous pages Storage of information can be systematically done by conscious process of learning either in formal or non-formal ways. Memory or information gained by the learner through this process is referred to as declarative memory. Learning through proper study or experience, and other similar approaches are included in this category. It can be semantic or episodic. Semantic declarative memories are memories of meanings, understandings, and other concept-based knowledge without the help of experience. For instance knowing that a hammer is a tool and not a pet is a semantic memory. In the other hand episodic declarative memory are knowledge of events, times, places, associated emotions, and others learning, in relation to an experience. Declarative memories are otherwise called as explicit memory
Procedural memory or implicit memory in the other hand are knowledge and information gained stored and retained through past experience of events, places, times, emotions, and other learning activities that are used by the learners unconsciously in the process of doing things. Mastery in driving is developed unconsciously by previous experiences without the driver being conscious of what had been learned from the past. Survival instincts are considered as implicit or procedural memory. Procedural memories are information and memories learned through time used procedural works.
In dealing with daily chores both explicit and implicit knowledge are useful in making hard tasks easy. This information intertwines with each other in our dealings with other people, solving our problems, doing our jobs, deciding what is best, and determining which is right and wrong.
2. Short and Long Term Memory
The brain collects and stores information in the course of daily activities as humans are faced with varying circumstances every second and decides whether this information is useful and subject for further refining and re-storage for future use or discards it after the event ceased. These bits of data are short-term memories with the potential of becoming long-term memories.
Short-term memories are commonly called primary, working, or active memory. They are stored in the brain for about 30 seconds and are used in the current process of analyzing the current stimuli or situation. These memories in small "bytes" are combined with each other to form into another information which maybe stored as another short term information or stored for longer time for future use. Once that particular event has been completed some less useful memory are lost and useful ones are retained as long-term memory. And the process goes on and on and on.
Long-term memories (LTM) are data stored in the brain for 30 seconds or as long as decades. Short-term memories which are used by the brain further become LTMs. Retention of memory is accomplished through the process of rehearsal or continued use and meaningful association with established long term memories. The meaning of red traffic light can be forgotten fast if it is not associated with traffic rules. By this example a short-term memory became a long-term memory. The mechanism involved in converting short-term memories into LTM is called long-term potentiation. Just like short term memories, long-term memory is also subject to forgetting process, several retrieval processes may be needed for them to last longer.
Chunks of information flood into the brain every second in our dealings with a lot of stimuli. Some of these memories do not last long and are called short-term ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Several Topics(Psychology 101) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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