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Immortality - Essay Example

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What must it be like to live forever How must it feel to have experienced the past millennia and anticipate the next The very mention of immortality results in an explosion of our imagination. It conjures up images of ancient Gods, Vampires and other mysterious and mythical creatures; it makes us question our own lives and what we could accomplish and witness should our time upon this earth be limitless…
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Extract of sample "Immortality"

Download file to see previous pages The influence of immortality has had a basis in human society for thousands and thousands of years. Whereas many people will fantasise about the idea that our physical bodies may surpass their lifespan, it is now universally accepted that no one can live forever (in the physical sense); yet the debate as to whether there is some essence, namely the human soul, that 'lives on' after our physical body has passed away continues to fuel much debate. Thousands of years ago the search for the Philosopher's Stone, a red coloured compound which was believed to greatly prolong human life, as well as turn metal into gold (and thus bring wealth as well as long life), became the holy grail of the medieval world. Buddhism in particular places much emphasis on the belief that our 'essence' moves from creature to creature through reincarnation, that we are reborn into a new body each time our physical one dies, and that our actions in the last body determine which new body we are put into. Christianity, unlike Buddhism believes that our actions in this life determine whether we spend the rest of eternity in Heaven of Hell. There are many people who will then go on to argue that if a person does not go to Heaven or Hell, they will become trapped in Limbo, wandering 'in between' the astral planes. Christian beliefs seem to have derived a lot from the teachings of Plato, be it that the changed Gods to God. The fact that immortality has played such an integral role in society and religion raises many questions. It begs an answer to the question 'what is motivating people to look for things (namely religious beliefs and actual objects, such as the Philosopher's Stone), that will secure their immortality Why do people want to live forever' Moving on from this question then we can ask 'are religious systems and people in powerful positions manipulating people's belief (particularly in the immortality of the soul, and hence the fate of it after death), in immortality to control their actions' A King, for example in medieval England could use the Church as a vehicle for ensuring that all his subjects obey his every order. Yes, it was believed that a King had 'divine right,' but were these 'rights' believed to be from God or were they a creation of the Monarchy, or an age old belief that the monarchy had corrupted The King could easily have, and did, punish heretics, using their deaths as a warning to others that if they too committed heresy their souls would be damned to hell, because an insult to the King is an insult to God himself.
It follows from this that I am sceptical of the idea that the soul will ascend or descend to its Christian resting place. Whilst I too humour the idea of the soul, I find myself drawn towards the idea of reincarnation. Perhaps it is my ego, yet as I sit and think, I cannot help but recall the teachings of Hume. He stated that we could never know our 'true self,'1 be that our soul or something else, because all we can ever experience (Hume was a renowned advocate of Empiricism2), is our perceptions. I am aware that I am constantly in a 'perceptive state' (thinking, reasoning, unconsciously or consciously), I cannot see how ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Shellys Frankenstein and the search for immortality in 21st century science through transhumanism

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Plato's View of Immortality

... an animal, and usually lower animals. There is also the belief that the soul of an individual undergoes the process of metamorphosis and its condition is improved. The history of the concept of death and immortality or the afterlife goes back from the time of Before Christ (BC). Different countries in ancient times had already developed views and beliefs about immortality. Egypt, for instance, had a rich belief in the afterlife. The pharaohs were buried with their property, mostly gold, and their servants. They were believed to continue ruling their subjects even in death. The Egyptians also offered sacrifices and offerings to the spirits of the dead. They also carried out proper funeral rights and embalmed or mummified the bodies...
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The Mortality in Immortality in Tithonus by Tennyson

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Emotional Appeal in McCarthys On Immortality

...solve diseases which eventually cause death. But still, many other scholars in relevant fields have made extensive studies that support the possibility of human longevity based on their findings from experiments on animals, including mice, fruit flies and parakeets. Even so, natural selection tends to favor reproduction more than longevity in an attempt to safeguard the future. Therefore, the author uses emotional appeal through figurative language, repetition and irony in the essay to persuade the reader of the attainability and sustainability of human longevity and its attractiveness over immortality. McCarthy extensively uses figurative language as an emotional appeal to present immortality as an immature and unwise idea. The author...
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Plato's View of Immortality

.... Plato believed in the immortality of the soul and the overall. Plato believed that the body played no real role in who we are as people; the only thing that shows who we are is our soul. Plato even suggests that death could be like an eternal sleep, where none of the senses are active. However, Plato says that it would be better to travel to a place where one could converse with all the great thinkers of the past. Plato argues that our soul is immortal because we are born with some form of intelligence within us. He argues that since things are supposedly born from opposites, life can only be birthed from death.[Plato, Republic] Plato denies that fever, or any other disease, or the knife put to the throat, or even the cutting...
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Analyze Shakespeares sonnet Shall I compare thee to a summers day to show how figures of speech are effectively used to underscore Shakespeares belief that it is in poetry and art that humans achieve immortality

... Teacher: William Shakespeare: ‘Shall I Compare Thee to a summer’s Day’ The sonnet is formulated and depicted in the traditional aspect of Shakespeare’s literature. It can be considered as the most popular lyric poem in the dialect of English. The sonnet is an illustration of the true nature of Shakespeare’s artistry and his impeccable use of words. The sonnet provides the reader with an appreciation of beauty and adoration for nature. The speaker beings the poem with a question, which is aimed at his beloved: ‘Shall I compare you to a summer’s day?’ (Art of Europe, ‘William Shakespeare: Sonnet 18’) it is the general nature of the following eleven lines of the poem, which are devoted to depicting similar comparisons... Teacher: William ...
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Soul Immortality

... Prof’s Logic and the Immortality of the Human Soul The fate of a person after death is obviously of the utmost importance to each and every individual who has lived – because each would also die, eventually. This probably explains why, even though there are very few givens, or a priori truths that can be used to argue the existence of an immortal soul logically, many philosophers have been tempted to creating arguments, both for and against such an entity existing. The fact that such debates play well in public discourse might have also had something to do with it. The first philosophers to attempt to logically demonstrate the existence of the soul were the ancient Greeks, starting arguably with Plato. He extends the existence...
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In what way does the Phaedo represent the completion of the Apology and Crito Discuss in relation to the problem of immortality, death, human freedom and knowledge

...of reasons, immortality of the soul, and theory of forms. Of all the reasons for completion, Socrates’ arguments about the immortality of the soul best condenses Phaedo. If Crito is the dialogue between an elderly Athenian friend named Crito and Socrates, Phaedo abstracts a scene of narration by Socrates’ cherished disciple, Phaedo. He was a spectator during Socrates’ final hour and death together with Simmias, Cebes, Crito, and Apollodorus. Even at his last moment, Socrates managed to provide reasons about conception and immortality of the soul after death, its relation to the body, and evidential existence of soul. Phaedo is the completion of Apology and Crito because it discusses...
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Thchnology as a route to immortality

... immortality of the mind transparently and comprehensibly, since reasoning could not just be replicated but also manipulated (148). Context Besides thinking without the body, technological advancements promote immortality through promotion of bodies that are impermeable to damage and aging given technology’s ability to health current diseases like cancer; mind uploading that permits existence in virtual reality, alternate bodies or robots, and deep space; and correcting global warming. Based on Cartesian arguments, technological advancements of as thinking machine aimed at relieving human’s immortal mind from its mortal captivity thus lending it a permanent existence both on earth and in heaven (148). Consequently, technology or machine...
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(a) Give a brief account of Socrates argument for the immortality of the soul based on its likeness to the forms (Phaedo 78b-84d) and explain how either Simmias( 85c-86d) or Cebes (86e-88b) objection works (not both)

..., which is the essence of true nature. With all its organs, the body can only perceive individual things from its organs but cannot effectively comprehend them. In his explanation, Socrates believes that the human soul is immortal. The Immortality of Life First, Socrates bases his arguments from the law of opposites; in this case, everything often happens to exist from its opposite. For instance, a person becomes tall only after having been short, same to a fat one (Gertz 72). In this understanding, it becomes evident that life and death are two essential opposites in life. In this case, we can make an analogous reasoning that while the living often becomes the dead, the dead, on the other hand, must become living. In this argument, life...
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Immortality of Art in the short story "In a season of a calm weather" by R.Bradbury

...IN A SEASON OF CALM WEATHER + Ray Bradbury is a renowned and popular whose expansive work has received global acceptance. Essentially, he is famous in his artistic expression of his words. He simply does utilize art in laying out great ideologies rather than words. Its remains impossible to forget the great imagery he does enlist in is work. For instance, in his short stories A medicine of Melancholy, he employs phrases such as an artist drawing in the sand and marvelous Christmas display. His masterpiece In a Season of Calm Weather out beats the rest. He demonstrates clear conscience and virtual immortality of art in his phrases and sections of literature. In this piece, Picasso is in the process of creation of captivating artistic images...
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