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Vans Skateboard Marketing - Case Study Example

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This study deals with Vans Skateboard Shoes and Snowboarding Shoes. The content will include product features, specifications, benefits, product branding, product positioning, product life cycle and the target audience for the shoes. It will help the readers to know the marketing strategies and how the brand maintains its position in the industry.
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Vans Skateboard Marketing
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Extract of sample "Vans Skateboard Marketing"

Download file to see previous pages With this objective as their motto, they have employed many strategies starting from the designing stage and extending up to the marketing stage.
Vans is an American brand which sells all types of shoes and hats that appeal to all the market segments. The product, Vans Skateboard shoes DD-66 Black/Black/Punk Dots is a classic skateboard shoe which targets the youth as its target audience. Van shoes come with latest designs that attracts the intended segment of customers as it supports the aspirations of the youth.
The model feature is a boardfeel technology which delivers high performance and quality. The new cupsole design makes the user more comfortable in terms of grip and flexibility. The new screen printed canvass gives the product an elegant look and renders it a stylish appearance.
Vans Skateboard shoes are equipped with Boardfeel technology which takes cup sole construction to the next level by replicating the grip and feel of vulcanized but with better support and cushioning. The customer will benefit from its classic styling and performance.
The premium look and designing with the suede upper side render the shoes an elegant outlook and style. The screen printed canvass gives the product a more attractive design and comfort. ...
These products are Designed in such a manner as to deliver high performance Vulcanized grip will help in gaining increased support and grip. The product comes with high quality which makes it lasts for a long time. Vans Skateboard shoes will give the user an individual style statement and personality and the user will feel more comfortable with its light and flexible design. (Vans DD-66 Skate Shoe - Mens).
(Vans Network).
(Vans Skateboard Shoes DD-66-Black/Black/Punck Dots).
Product Branding:
The branding strategy of Vans is based on its long years of heritage that helps them to achieve authenticity and thereby credibility among the customers. Vans is focusing on the core sports like snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing etc, which are generally aimed for fun, and adventure. Thus, the main marketing strategy is to promote these sports and thereby promote the brand. As per the branding strategy of Vans, "the goal of creating a leadership position for our brand and a strong emotional connection with our customers." (Business: Introduction).
Target Audience:
A target market is a type of market that has want or need of your product or service. (How to Identify Target Market). Vans started its skateboard division after they noticed the booming surfing and skateboard culture in California. The targeted customers of Vans come under the age group of 10-24 years from all over the world who are active participants and emulators of sports culture. The marketing strategy of Vans thus focuses on creating and maintaining these customers through sports and entertainment events, such as Vans Warped Tour, Vans skate parks, Vans Triple Crown etc... The brand name evokes interest in the target audience as many people consider it as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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