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The Art of the Insane: History and Case Study - Term Paper Example

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People have been enthralled with the insane, and accordingly, with their art, actually, since the daybreak of psychology as a justifiable field of research. With time passing by, psychology has distinguished itself from physiology and other sciences, with the making of breakthroughs in the year workings of the mind, meticulously, with the development of the theory of the conscious as well as the sub-conscious as distinct pieces of the consciousness…
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The Art of the Insane: History and Case Study
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Extract of sample "The Art of the Insane: History and Case Study"

Download file to see previous pages Art, as an appearance of expression for humans, has long been cognizant as a main-stream factuality that links humans with the correct form of self-expression, most appropriate for them to perform. The development of the art of the insane was more of an associated relief as a form of therapy for those who are mentally disturbed than a simple recognition of human capability to recreate the right kind of art that is expected to be developed by a normal human.
In the field of art, several styles of forming the expression of a painter's idea of a certain theme is present through the history arts. Several painters have been involved in presenting their ideas through the utilization of many artistic styles. Among the artistic styles widely used in the field of painting are the International Gothic Style and the High Renaissance Style. Both types of painting display different forms of expressing art as a form of communicating their ideas to the society. The International Gothic Style is characterized by the elegant and graceful figures that enhance the images and the message being presented by the paintings. However, using several media effects, the images at times appear to be a bit artificial in form. The forms and figures becomes a little brighter than the works based upon pure manual work of art. Although this is the case, it is still obvious that even though media effects are incorporated within the art pieces, the message is still clearly sent to the viewers of the painted art.
In context with the artists, most of them regard what is written and said commented about their work, as at best beside the point, at worst a distraction from it. Picasso argued about the comprehension of art by understanding the song of the bird, since, people who attempt to explain pictures are usually barking up the wrong tree (Goldwater and Treves, 1945). On the other hand, Millet commented on the gossip about his 'Man With a Hoe' as it seemed to be strange as it furnishes him with another opportunity to wonder at the ideas people attribute to him (Geertz, 1976).
On the other hand, the perception of something significant in either the particular works, or in the arts, usually moves people to talk and write about them consistently. Something which is significant or evocative cannot be just left to sit there bathed in pure importance, and thus, it is described, analyzed, compared, judged a well as classified. Moreover, art is characterized as language, a structure, a system and an act of principle, and if at all, everything fails, then it is hoped that someone else would elucidate them for us. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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