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Hospice in Rural Countries - Research Paper Example

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This paper focuses on the identification of the socioeconomic, physician-related, and rural-urban factors influencing the Medicare-certified hospice in the tree rural-urban areas from the 3,140 counties basing on the 2005 Area Resource File for county- level data base…
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Hospice in Rural Countries
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Extract of sample "Hospice in Rural Countries"

Download file to see previous pages Given the increasing statistical figures of families and patients who certainly will be facing the end-of-life crisis or issues, access to the hospice care has been a significant consideration. It has been found that the rural communities have been found to get the least access to the hospice care or a Medicare - certified hospice. In addition, the higher the number of physician found in the community shall likely to have easy access to the Medicare -certified hospice such as the urban or metropolitan. Moreover, the study shows that the number of physicians that can work in a Medicare-certified hospice can lower because of the need for the physician's certification of terminal illness.
The findings show that the racial-ethnic diversity decreases from most rural places to least rural places or as the classification of the rural to urban communities progressed. The following is the table of the summary of the rural-urban, socioeconomic and physician rate variables. The computation of the median has been appropriate for this study to avoid enumeration of the numerous census data. The purpose of the calculation of the median is to approximate the middle value of every entry in the table such as the total number of the whites that resides in certain location. Table gives the reader an idea that on the average, the population of the whites living in a particular location is 84.4 or simply 84.4%.
Table 1. Summary of the rate of available physician, socioeconomic, and rural-urban
The above table provides the summary f the characteristics of the 3,140 counties. In 204, the census of the average county was 93,507 with the standard deviation of 304, 790. In terms of the median age of each county, on the average, was 37.3 years with the standard deviation of the 4.01. This means that the median age varies within the limits of + 4.01 and -4.01 values. The mean percentage of the population of the counties pertaining to those people who are above 65 years old was 14.76% and with the standard deviation of 4.17. On the other hand, the statistics pertaining to the people classified as under poverty line is 13.74% with the standard deviation of 5.59. The mean percentage of the minority groups such as the Hispanics and African Americans in counties were 8.76% and 6.18% respectively. The Hispanics mean percentage derives a standard deviation of 11.9 while the African Americans, 14.5% standard deviation value. Furthermore, according to the summary of characteristics of the particular counties, the physician rate reaches 12.61% with a standard deviation of 14.89. On the other hand, the mean quantity of the Medicare-certified hospice was 0.83 with standard deviation of 1.84. The significance of the values 18.99, 8.99, and 9.48 pertain to the rates of physician in the rural-urban classifications. This means that the metropolitan (most urban or least rural) has the most number of physicians qualified to work with the Medicare-certified hospice than the adjacent metro or rural areas (see figure 1).
Figure 1. A comparison of MDs per 10,000 census, mean percentage of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Hospice in Rural Countries Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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