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Privacy and Surveillance in the Digital Age - Movie Review Example

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The Minority Report is science fiction movie in which the future was monitored and explored by controlling the present. The movie revolves around three Pre-Cogs having a special ability to predict the future crimes and murders; these psychics were created through genetic experimentation…
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Privacy and Surveillance in the Digital Age
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Extract of sample "Privacy and Surveillance in the Digital Age"

Download file to see previous pages The story then enters its crucial phase when the system predicts that Anderton will future murderer of Leo Crow; the person whom Anderton did not know. The epic then revolves around the attempts made by Anderton to escape from FBI and his fellow agents. He then successfully approached one of the psychics and is assisted by the program manager; through investigation he realises that the program developer has left a control under him to design and manipulate the future.
High-tech surveillance is the real entertainment offered by director Tony Scott in his movie Enemy of State. The movie has focused upon application of the technological gadgets and software to trace and monitor the daily electronic communication of the American citizens to prevent terrorism. A bill titled Telecommunications Security and Privacy Act was sent to legislation for approval, however the bill was ostensibly rejected by Congressman, the legislator was then shot dead by National Security Agency, however the footage of the Congressman murder was recorded by photographer. The photographer is then traced while he was exchanging this information through telephone; he was then traced however he managed to protect the evidence from the National Security Department. The evidence landed in the shopping bag of the lawyer Dean. The epic moves around the attempts by National Security Agency officials to retrieve the evidence from the lawyer Dean; who is equally innovative and cautious about his security and has bugs installed at his place.
Referring to the Minority Report, the access to future is acceptable, and carrying out attacks on the individuals based upon their future sins is arguable. The prosecutor was executed and justice is delivered after the crime, however in this epic the justice is delivered prior to the occurrence of the crime. The extent of the involvement of the security agencies in the personal life of the individuals only for the sake of National Security is not encouraging. At the end of the movie, it is concluded that the programming was corrupted by the developer; such loopholes in the system further aggravate the situation, and develop reluctance among the masses to accept the change.
I believe that if the criminals are executed based upon the information from future-teller; then it is essential that such system shall be error-proof. I understand that the security of the country is essential but the influence of the technology shall never be to an extent that it restricts and controls the liberty and freedom of the individual citizen.
With reference to the movie Enemy of the State; the importance of the intelligence information to prevent and identify the terrorists and criminals from the society cannot be ruled out, but if the same intelligence is being used to monitor and control the people who are opposed to such intelligence monitoring system then this is erroneous. The photographer was traced through the intelligence monitoring system; however the person carried no terrorism-related affiliation.
I personally believe that it is inappropriate application of the intelligence system which can harm the society. The intrusion and violation of the privacy is an offence, even if this is being done to prevent terrorism. I firmly believe that the lawmakers and intelligence agencies have to mutually define limits for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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