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Siemens - Research Paper Example

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Founded in 1847 (nearly 160 years ago) by Werner von Siemens and headquartered in Berlin and Munich, Siemens is one of the world's largest electrical engineering and electronics companies. The organization employs approximately 475,000 employees, the workforce is involved in developing and manufacturing products, designing and installing systems and projects, and customizing a wide range of services for individual requirements…
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Extract of sample "Siemens"

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industry trends
cultural change
family change
latest technological trends and advancements
technology incentives
cost implications
public opinion
sites and locations
European legislation
Special government directives
Similar to PESTEL's internal external factors SWOT analysis also covers both these aspects classifying them as opportunitites and threats.
SWOT Analysis, is one of the most commonly used strategic tools in business analysis. It evaluates the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of an organization.
Strengths - attributes of the organization that are helpful to its objective. Major plus points.
Weaknesses - attributes of the organization that are harmful to its objective. Major negatives.
Opportunities - Possible conditions that can help/profit the organization.
Threats - Possible conditions that can be harmful for the organization.
SWOT analysis identifies both internal and external factors affecting an organization, so the four major categories can be further grouped into two major ones:
Internal factors - Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors (depending on their impact on the organization's objectives)
External factors - Opportunities and threats are posed by external environment (these factors are more closely related with PESTEL analysis)
Porters Five Forces Model
The five forces model presented by Michael Porter is one of the most widely used models for understanding the nature of competition in any industry.

The five forces according to Porter are:
The threat of entry of new competitors (new entrants)
The threat of substitutes
The bargaining power of buyers
The bargaining power of...
The first part will give a description of and analyze the primary internal and external influences which affect the organization (Siemens). The second part has to do with current changing competitive environment which the organization has to face.
Since organizations do not operate in vacuum and the productivity of an organization is always linked to certain factors which in this case are called influences, it is important for an organization to know what those influences are. Influences can be both internal and external and this report will try to analyze both types since both are equally important. Apart from an analysis of the primary influences on an organization we will also analyze the effect these influences have on Siemens.
This technique is an updated form of PEST analysis it stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technical, Environment and Legislative. It analyses the external influences on a business. PESTEL can help understand market growth or decline, business position, and future potential and direction for operations. (Barkema and Vermeulen, 2005)
One of the major costs of doing a business is of obtaining raw materials. Suppliers are those entities that supply an organization with that vital component. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Management Problems in Siemens Company

...that it was not a serious issue. For instance, Siemens AG officials did not accept that they had involved themselves in a case of bribery by saying that the money went to the payment of an external consultant. Otherwise, the court determined the case that the money coincided with procurement of some equipment from various international markets during the period. One of the most notable cases in the contract scandals involved €6 million, which some Siemens AG management had paid to some foreign officials involved in a natural gas turbine contract, which Siemens AG wanted to win. Siemens AG had involved itself in several other scandals in Germany and in other countries...
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..., especially when large multinational firms are involved. The use of bribes is an act that disturbs the equilibrium of free trade, since they influence the decision power of individuals, prejudicing it to fall in the favor of the one offering bribes. Siemens, being one such multinational firm that possessed significant share of the global market was caught in the hurricane of media attention, international scrutiny and internal ratification policies when fraudulent actions were seen to be prevalent within the company. The Siemens executives were accused of paying six million Euros to another company in order to achieve the gas turbine contract in Italy. The accusation involved that the executives used the...
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... most recently affecting the firm while the rest occurred earlier in the 1990s and some in the beginning of the new millennium. Further investigation into the corruption cases involving Siemens shows that there are more cases in its overseas branches where the company maintains slush funds for the purpose of paying bribes as was the case in Greece, where it had a large amount of euros set aside for bribes to win contracts and tenders. The cases involve different governments covering sensitive areas such as intelligence and surveillance. In this cases, top government official in Greece reaped massive gains. Other counties involved in the scandal other than Greece include Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the USA for paying large sums to win...
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Siemens: case study

... for two projects in Italy that involved power plants. During the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens Greece, the corporation is accused of involving itself in bribery and corruption in securing the security system deal with the Greek government. The company is also accused of giving bribes to government officials in Venezuela in regard to the metro project in Maracaibo and Valencia. Siemens is also said to have secured seven projects involving metro construction in China as a result of the use of bribery and corruption. Siemens corporation officials were also accused of securing contracts in Israel for servicing of electrical plants in the country, by giving money to the person who was formerly in charge of the Israel Electric company since...
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Restructuring the Siemens Company

... has both negative and positive impacts. Positive impacts include enhanced productivity, reduced production costs and increased shareholders' wealth and Negative impacts include lay offs. Bowman (1999) states that performance is determined by market performance and accounting performance. Market performance relates to change in the share prices of a company after restructuring while accounting performance relates to changes in profit, return on investment and equity. Restructuring in the Siemens Company: Restructuring of the company started in 1966 whereby the company the company organised its production into division and there was decentralisation of control, this was aimed at improving the response to consumer requirements, the division...
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...structure of the new company will see its headquarters based in Helsinki, Finland-the home of Nokia. It will also house the company’s Radio access and operational supports systems for the new firm. Munich, Germany-the home of Siemens-will have four business units for the new firm. All the sectors of the two companies will be headed by the current executives of the companies both in Finland and in Germany. The technical systems of Nokia Siemens Networks are designed into six business units, these are; Services, Radio Access, IP Networking, Transport, Operational Support Systems, Service Core and Applications and Broadband Access. Individual financial performance, services and products offered by each...
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... of the situation necessitates equity joint venture is that the business transactions between firms involves substantial transfer of technical knowledge. (Yan and Luo 2001). The factors that lead to the merger of the Fujitsu and Siemens were market pressure relating to falling margins on vendors. The falling margins of vendors create problems that lead to extremely cut throat price cutting in the market. This affects their profitability. In order to overcome the falling margins of vendor, the two firms came under a mutual agreement to work together jointly by forming a new firm. Fujitsu is occupying streamlined manufacturing base, and are well functioning in the consumer market. They faced problems with marketing of products due...
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Global Development Strategy of Siemens AG address these issues—both to capitalize on the strength of the systems that the company has produced over the years as well as opportunities with the advancement of information technology, the company has come up with the “EWSD NetManager project.” This project aims to integrate the EWSD network nodes and networks into a user-friendly and graphics based software product to telecoms customers. This integration aims to provide the customers a complete range of facilities in order for them to operate, administer, and maintain the functions in their customers' EWSD network nodes and networks. This project requires the expertise in the EWSD technology as well as expertise in desktop computing languages. Siemens over the years has...
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Cases Of Bribery At Siemens

... of doing business as assumed by some companies? Discuss this in the light of bribery scandals at Siemens. Bribery is definitely an unethical and illegal practice. Bribery cannot be considered as a cost of business just to get contracts for the company or securing their financial position in any international state or country. The reasons given by the employees when they were accused with the bribery scandal was mainly focusing on one aspect. They said they did it for the benefit of the company, so that the organization could get good business and be stable in all their different business units. Referring to the case, it is mentioned that in May 2007 two former managers of AG Siemens were convicted by the German court for bribing...
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Siemens Social Performance

...: Siemens’ network has involved in different social and environmental aspects and the always act as a rich asset to different stakeholders in the business. They are socially committed and always remain the frontrunner in keeping the society safe and the environment hazard free. This international firm has put their investments in the ecological shelter and the industrial protection to preserve their potential feasibility and the extensive period of prosperity. They have also developed their pioneering machinery and tools for the management of wastewater to relieve the public of the problems associated with scarcity of water. “Siemens has developed alternating-current drive systems for the heavy trucks...
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Case Study: the Bribery Scandal at Siemens AG which it operates. A sense of commitment towards integrity and ethical business must be followed from the top level so as to imbibe the same in the other members of the organization. And most of all, the organizational leaders should consider the fact with immense significance that business based on honesty, integrity and ethics is sustainable. Though in the short-run phase, the bribery system or malfunctioning of corporate ethics might look advantageous, in the long-run, it is most likely to hamper the business and its goodwill as well just as in the example of Siemens AG (Hoffmann, 2010). Siemens AG is perceived as a company that pays crooked dollars for buying a business which can be termed as an example of malpractices of the...
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Nokia Siemens: Security Management Challenges

... of the open vulnerability or secure configuration information and telecoms vendor equipment within the enterprise security environment (Steinbock, 2010). Therefore, the Nokia Siemens Networks should approach its security operations in the CSPs that would enable it to provide numerous consultations, product solutions, consulting offering, and management security services. All these services will reduce complexity and vulnerability cost management, security events, system configuration, and compliance reporting. Protecting the customers’ data is another role that should be played effectively by the CSP security (Hampton, 2009). In fact, customers are increasingly becoming conversant of the risks associated their personal data being accessed...
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Marchs Analysis of Organizational Decision for Siemens

... it is seen that in the light of the information obtained by the company, what alternative the company chooses to achieve its set goals. In light of the economic crisis Siemens intensified cost cutting approach through out its business groups. The major part of company’s choice of decision making is to mitigate any potential threats that the company might receive as to the company the loss in the market share and the overall performance of the company is the lack of preparation for any sort of economic disaster in the past. So the company divested in a lot of unprofitable ventures, as well as it led to consolidation of manufacturing facilities so that the cost benefit cold be derived by using the same facility for the manufacture of similar...
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Siemens bribery scandal

... the extent to which von Pierer was aware of the corruption. However, the supervisory board chairman has maintained a firm opinion in these words, “Im deeply upset by what has happened” (Spiegel Online, 2006) and is surprised by the fact that few of the workers managed to eradicate all checks and balances. “It is hard to believe that something on this scale could be so organised and that no control was in place to catch it” (PILOT, 2012). However, there is a need to consider this act of Siemens in context of the business practices in place in Germany. This act happened at a time in which, bribery was not only a common practice in the businesses in Germany, but were also tax-deductible. The fact that Siemens appointed Hershman...
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The Competitive Environment/Position of Siemens AG

...the next 1-3 years. Siemens AG: Business Background Siemens AG is renowned German multinational electronics and engineering conglomerate. The German electronics and engineering giant is headquartered at Munich, Germany. Werner von Siemens established the company in 1847 (Siemens, 2014). In the last 166 years, Germany-based Siemens AG has not only established global presence in over 150 countries but also successfully diversified product portfolio. As of 2014, Siemens AG operates four different business units which are energy equipments, healthcare devices, industry related goods and infrastructure & cities (Siemens,...
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Organisational Behaviour of Siemens and Dell Companies

...Comparison of Leadership style between Siemens and Dell12-14 2.1 How Organisational Theory Underpins the Management Practice within Siemens? 14 2.2 Evaluation of the Main Approaches to Management Theory15 3.0 Impact of Different Leadership Styles on Motivation in Organisations in Periods of Change16 3.1 Comparison of Application of Different Motivation Theories within the Workplace16-17 3.2 Usefulness of Motivation Theories...
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