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TV Serial Friends - Movie Review Example

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Most of the TV serials show what people are interested in watching and Friends is no exception. People go gaga when it is broadcasted and this outlines the fact that the society has changed a lot over the period of time. "Friends" is an extremely popular TV serial and most people watch it because it is hilarious but the reality is that it shows the changing world…
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TV Serial Friends
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Extract of sample "TV Serial Friends"

Download file to see previous pages This paper will expansively examine whether the show a barometer of the current cultural mood in America or whether it is an aberration.
"This comedy show is about six friends who deal with their problems with jobs, friends and relationships." (Friends Show). This Sitcom probably shows a lot more than perceived by most people. For instance a character by the name Ross in the show has a son who gets married and later finds that his wife is a Homosexual, this goes to show the current trend of the US society. Homosexuality is fast spreading in the US society and this is a reality which no one can deny. The show merely presents this for the sole purpose of entertaining the people but the people just watch it and laugh about it instead of doing something about it. This is indeed a classic instance which goes to show that the show is presenting only the current image of the society.
"Although the producers thought ofFriendsas "only a TV show",numerous psychologists investigated the cultural impact ofFriendsduring the series' run.Aniston's hairstyle was nicknamed "The Rachel", and copied around the world." (Jicha Tom). The serial brought a real revelation and it changed many a thing in the society some for good and the other for not so. Several Linguists believe that the serial was instrumental in bringing in phrases like "How you Doing" into common use, many people still use this phrase when starting a conversation and this is also used as a pickup line by several people across the globe. The serial also brought to light a very rewarding business opportunity in Central Perk Coffee House, several businessmen have tried to imitate the same concept and majority of them have been very successful.
"Friends has made a notable contribution to some areas of popular culture - in particular fashion. The series has been noted for its impact on everyday fashion and hairstyles." (Cultural Impact). The phrase "We were on a break" has become enormously popular across the globe and used by countless people around the world. In addition to this the serial has also brought in several changes like "The series has made several people laugh over these years and they still watch the reruns every day. Most people usually don't like to watch reruns of any show, but it is different for Friends, even when they know the whole episode, it is still fun to watch the reruns for them." (Friends the TV Serial).
This paper threw light upon how the serial has portrayed the changes in the US society and in addition to this how the show has highly influenced the society. It is very fair to say that more and more people have started being in a living relationship after watching the show. This does not take place in the US alone but this has also spread to various other countries too. "Anyway good things come to an end, but then we always have reruns and ''friends'' is 1 serial that u can watch a million times and you are going to always laugh out the way u did the first time round." (Friends). This was the reaction of a very enthusiastic fan when asked about friends; this again reiterates that the show is a mere ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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TV Serial Friends Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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