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Aristotles Views - Essay Example

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Aristotle was a Greek philosopher, physicist, poet and a popular student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great (Wikimedia Foundation, Inc). He was able to produce books such as Nichomachean Ethics which describes the "happy life intended for one by nature as one lived in accordance with virtue" and Politics which gives analysis on political community (Clayton).
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Aristotles Views
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Download file to see previous pages However, since man is not capable of being a god, they are capable of becoming beasts, and for Aristotle, this is the worst kind of beast (Clayton).
Webster dictionary defines self-sufficient as sufficient for one's self without external aid or cooperation and having an overweening confidence in one's own ability or worth; hence, haughty; overbearing ( Independence of a person from his society makes him arrogant, in Aristotle's words; a beast.
In applying the thought created by Aristotle in the life of Achilles, it is proper to have short profile on Achilles. "Achilles was the son of the mortal Peleus and the Nereid Thetis and he was the mightiest of the Greeks who fought in the Trojan War" (Hunter, Achilles). He was the hero in Homer's Iliad, which was a famous narration of the War of Troy.
Achilles was prophesied to be the only person who can help to defeat Troy. Without his help, Troy will continue to be dominated by the current kind Priasm and his dynasty, his son Hector and Paris (Hunter, Achilles). He had an amazing background as he was told to have been made immortal by his mother, leaving only his heel as the vulnerable part of his body. It was indeed through this part of his body which he was hit by Paris (the brother of Hector, an enemy which he has killed), was wounded and killed.
Achilles was described as having "the greatest fighting ability" so that once got "disenfranchised from the rest of his fellow warriors and refused to fight for the Achaeans" ( With all this strength, both physically and in terms of power, Achilles had the air not to need anyone. His strength was sufficient for his own safety, and because he was feared he was did not feel threatened by anyone. To anyone who goes against him, his might is enough for revenge. The rage of Achilles was simply unquenchable until it makes the enemy pays.
He also had problems with his fellow soldiers as he was characterized by arrogance, anger and rage. When he was wronged by Agamemnon, by taking Briseis, the war-prize in exchange for Chrysies, Achilles refused to fight for the Greeks anymore, despite several offers of handsome reparation (Hunter). This act has made him look selfless and proud, divesting him of the nobility of a true hero (Mega Essays LLC). In that way Achilles displayed the character described by Aristotle in "having no need for others and is self-sufficient".
Achilles was seen to be driven more by pride and anger rather than love for people, and with this some consider him inferior to Hector, the latter died in fighting for his people and his family, was seen to be a loving husband and was more of a patriot (Mega Essays LLC). Achilles then was more of the beast as described by Aristotle.
We will also take a look at another character in Homer's work: Odysseus of the epic poem Odyssey. Odysseus was a "legendary Greek king of Ithaca" (Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.). He also had a role in the epic poem, Iliad.
Unlike Achilles, Odysseus was described to be wiser, had better relationship with his fellow soldiers thus being more influential and had the character of a real ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Aristotles Views Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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