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The Rocking Hourse Winner - Essay Example

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In The Rocking Horse Winner, DH Lawrence tells the story of the boy Paul and his quest to stop the voices reverberating on the walls of their house. The little boy's journey is concluded by his unlikely death after he was able to foretell the winning horse on the Derby…
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The Rocking Hourse Winner
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Extract of sample "The Rocking Hourse Winner"

Download file to see previous pages Looking back at the earlier events in the story, it can be seen that it was Hester; Paul's mother is solely responsible for his death. It should be noted that Hester's desire to maintain the lifestyle she was accustomed to started the voices in their house proclaiming that "There should be more money." Furthermore, it was also Hester who introduced the concept of luck to Paul. With this, the life of Paul became a quest to stop the voices and to find luck. These desires, which both originated from his mother, killed him in the end.
The story started by drawing a portrait of Hester "who was beautiful, who started with all the advantages, yet she had no luck." Though this woman married the one that she really loves and was blessed with three children, there stood this deep feeling of incompleteness in her heart. Within her, there is always this strong longing for the things that she does not have like beautiful clothes, cars, jewelries, and other material possessions that only money can buy. She finds no joy in parenting as she considers her three little children as additional burden that she must live with. Even though she tries to be gently and loving to them, she knows that in the center of her heart, she cannot love them. For some reasons, her children are aware of her lack of affection and compassion to them. This is an unspoken understanding between the parent and their child: "They read it in each other's eyes." This is even aggravated that the fact that even though she leaves her longing for money unspoken, her children constantly hears her desire. As the story progresses, it can be seen that Paul developed the notion that his own mother does not love him. Her single desire is to have money. Thus, in order to win the affection of her mom, Paul devised his own way of giving her the money that she needs. It can be seen that Paul was doing everything to stop the whispers that haunts their house by generating more money. It can be seen that the little boy does this not only to quench his mother's insatiable desire for money. It can be seen that Paul is just like any other ordinary child whose main desire is to feel the warmth of his mother's affection. It can be seen that Paul associated the voices to the mother's lacking sense of completeness and contentment. The little boy assumed that if he can stop the whispers from haunting their house, his mother will stop wanting more money. This way, his mom can love him the way he really wants to.
However, instead of stopping the voices in the house, the arrival of more money in Paul's house caused the whispers to become louder, asking for more money. It should be noted that the arrival of the money did not satisfy Hester. After reading the letter from the lawyer "her face become hardened and become more expressionless." She wants even more money causing Paul hears the voices growing much louder. This caused him severe depression as it signifies his failure to bring enough money. This is even worsened by the inability of the little boy to guess the winning horse in the two previous races. Thus, Paul was seized by tensions as he intensely wanted to know the winning horse for the Derby. After wildly riding his rocking horse one night, Paul was finally able to know the winning horse for the race. This might have overwhelmed him with ecstasy because this means that he will be able to bring more money into their house, stopping ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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