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Poetry Slam - Movie Review Example

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Slam, the 1998 independent film, deals with the story of a young African-American who finds several impediments in the progress of his talents for poetry which is affected by his social background. The basic theme of the movie is relevance and impact of poetry in the contemporary society and it focuses on the powerful and reminiscent impact of slam poetry…
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Poetry Slam
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Extract of sample "Poetry Slam"

SLAM Slam, the 1998 independent film, deals with the story of a young African-American who finds several impediments in the progress of his talents for poetry which is affected by his social background. The basic theme of the movie is relevance and impact of poetry in the contemporary society and it focuses on the powerful and reminiscent impact of slam poetry. Directed by Marc Levin, Slam earned significant tributes at the Sundance Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival in 1998 and its success is primarily due to the relevance of the theme it undertakes. The success and tributes won by Slam suggests the relevance and impact of poetry in the contemporary society as depicted in the film which represents dramatic moments of verbal brilliance and listening experience. "Slam's victory at Sundance marks a critical move for the art. Poetry's value is completely tied to its integrity, and in Slam it is the poem that defines the terms. Saul Williams and Sonja Sohn, the star-crossed fiery loves at the centre of this story, are both seasoned poets in the New York spoken-word world The poets in Slam speak a poem through film, they do not sit on a plastic waiting for the pan across a furled eyebrow." (Stratton and Wozencraft, 137) Therefore, it is essential to comprehend that the film Slam celebrates its success through the depiction of the relevance and impact of poetry in the contemporary society and the major characters, themes, action, etc centre around the impact of poetry in society.
The relevance and impact of poetry in the contemporary society has been the central idea suggested by the film Slam and the film has been central in representing the great role of poetry, rap, performance art and stand-up comedy etc in our society. It is a movie which specifically suggests the relevance of poetry in human life and society. "Slam is a raw poem of a movie. Overcoming impossible odds, handing in a three-hour rough assembly three weeks late at Sundance and then not only getting accepted into competition but winning the Grand Jury Prize - this is the stuff of dreams, of poetry. Indeed, the cast is all poets." (Stratton and Wozencraft, 136) Therefore, the movie celebrates the life-saving power of poetry and its success and the rising popularity of the movie suggests the expanding popularity of poetry, rap, and performance art in the contemporary society. It is through the perpetual representation of the slam poetry and the intimidating influence of the society in the progress of poetry that Slam celebrates the significant theme of the relevance and impact of poetry in the contemporary society. A reflective analysis of the film suggests that an air of authenticity about the characters, setting, dialogue, and plot of the movie has been important in the depiction of the relevance and impact of poetry in the contemporary society. Significantly, "this is a world filled with poetry, music, and rhythm Slam poets Beau Sia and Bonz Malone are cast as characters in the film. Their characters do not read poems behind a podium, but their dialogue has a style nonetheless, a rhythm. By casting numerous poets in the film, and by showing musical speech in every corner, Slam means to show that the poet Ray does not have monopoly on poetry. Poetry is natural impulse, and everyone has a need to listen, and also to express." (Dillon, 67) Therefore, the film Slam, significantly, celebrates the power and influence of poetry on human beings and the relevance and impact of poetry in the contemporary society has been a major theme of the movie. In conclusion, Slam is an important movie which deals with slam poetry and it has an imperative role in the representation of the relevance and impact of poetry in the contemporary society.
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Poetry Slam Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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