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Alfred Hitchcock Movies Rebecca and Marnie - Movie Review Example

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In the movie "Rebecca", the story is centered on the two Mrs, De Winters, the dead Rebecca and the present Mrs. De Winters. The two wives have such contrasting personalities. Rebecca was portrayed as a woman with such a dominant character that her strong memories reached beyond the grave…
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Alfred Hitchcock Movies Rebecca and Marnie
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Extract of sample "Alfred Hitchcock Movies Rebecca and Marnie"

Download file to see previous pages They included her former employer, a very demanding woman and her husband Maxim, sophisticated, suave and with varying temperaments. The poor girl, suffered in being constantly compared to the deceased Rebecca. She was most especially tormented by Mrs. Danvers, the family housekeeper who was very fond of Rebecca. Her loyalty is something weird because her actions assumed that Rebecca would be coming back from the dead. Mrs. Danvers was manipulative and made the young Mrs. De Winters so insecure which nearly drove the latter to suicide in her struggle to unravel the mystery of Rebecca. In the end, she realized that it was only Mrs. Danvers, the loyal housekeeper who wished her ill. A freak boating accident opened the mysteries of Rebeccas's death and eventually the truth came out. The young wife realized the extent of her husbands miseries because of Rebecca and discovered that she was truly loved by maxim. The knowledge gave her the strenth to take charge of her life. She blossomed from a meek and insecure girl to a mature and confident young woman. The transformation was brought about by the love and passion that she shared with her husband and their hope for a happier future together sans the haunting shadow of Rebecca. In end the good wins over the evil.
The movie "Marnie" is of the same genre as that of the movie "Rebecca". ...
The movie "Marnie" is of the same genre as that of the movie "Rebecca". It's the story of a beautiful woman who has the penchant of robbing dry her employers. She met her match in Mark, the rich playboy who recognized her and was attracted to her. She marked him to be her next victim. He, on the other hand, had her under surveillance so as to discover her secrets. Mark, in love with Marnie and challenged by her icy personality, played the role of an amateur psychologist and tried to solve and identify the root cause of her thieving activities. It turned out that her thievery and frigidity was caused by a childhood trauma and her only "cure" would be a sexual release. Mark wanted to be the man to do it.
The two movies have the similar types of male heroes. Both Maxim and Mark were rich, worldly, and sophisticated who both loved their women passionately. They both helped their women overcome their insecurities and fears. The two women leads though are opposite in personalities. Whereas the second Mrs. De Winters was portrayed as someone with the wide-eyed innocence and beauty, Marnie was a bright, icy beauty who exuded confidence and self-assurance. Both ladies though suffer from fears and insecurities, the former because of her youth and inexperience and the haunting presence of her husband's first wife, and the latter because of a childhood trauma. The second Mrs. De Winters name has never been mentioned in the whole movie, perhaps to emphasize the point that she represented any ordinary girl in love, full of innocence and has the innate capacity to defend herself and fight for her love. Marnie is the more complicated character. She is not an ordinary girl. She is brilliant and beautiful but with a flaw in character. In contrast to Mrs. De Winters ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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