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Business continuity management - Essay Example

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In modern world, continuity management and unexpected incidents prevention has become an urgent need from the standpoint of national safety. This point is explained by the fact that business is an integral part of national and global economy which requires special attention and government actions to be made in order to protect national security and business itself…
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Business continuity management
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Download file to see previous pages BCM programs and plans are a part of risk management and emergency operations on the government level. At the beginning of the 21st century, government promotes new programs and policies aimed to protect all spheres of business and population. These decisions can have multiple influences and affects on the lives of civilians involved in the incident and the lives of rescuers, the lives of managers operating in the BCM system and population in general (Chandler, Wallace, 2004). Even seemed insignificant element of data that is missed or resource not assigned, a division or task force assigned to the wrong area or not tracked properly has resulted in catastrophic consequences for the entire population and business activities. For this reason, BCM supports considerably the development of improved accountability system for tracking personnel and resources, ministries and business agencies. Perception of the threat is a significant motivating principle for government, however, it influences the pace, nature, and extent of development and implementation of security policy and measures. The principle of the rule of law has been, and remains, a constant in current BCM policy.
To promote and implement BCM programs, government introduces BCP (plans) for b ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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