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Mellor, Augustus and the Creation of the Empire - Essay Example

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Augustus wrote this document at the age of 76 years. He was the son of Julius Caesar who was assassinated. The aim of writing this document was the fact that he was growing old and wished to leave behind the account of his reign to the Roman people who would learn his contributions mostly military, administrative and financial hence emulating living remember him.
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Mellor, Augustus and the Creation of the Empire
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Extract of sample "Mellor, Augustus and the Creation of the Empire"

Mellor, Augustus and the Creation of the Empire Augustus wrote this document at the age of 76 years. He was the son of Julius Caesar who was assassinated. The aim of writing this document was the fact that he was growing old and wished to leave behind the account of his reign to the Roman people who would learn his contributions mostly military, administrative and financial hence emulating living remember him.
He presents himself as a generous person through the huge amounts of money he gave to the treasury, plebs and discharged soldiers, a courageous person who conquered in wars with his enemies, a friendly person who exchanged embassies with other people demonstrating the good faith of the Roman people, a staunch supporter of his ancestors customs which is well demonstrated when he refused the appointment as the sole guardian of laws and morals with supreme power which was offered to him by the senate and the Roman people, a religious person who restored a number of temple and above all a sympathizer who contributed a lo to colonies, cities and towns destroyed by earth quakes and fire.
He emphasized on being given the right of military command ensuring the state suffered no harm, driving the murderers of his father into exile and defeating them twice in war, undertaking civil and foreign wars by land and sea throughout the whole world but spared lives of citizens who sought pardon, he was honored twice with ovations and saluted twenty one times as an imperator.
Augustus took charge of grain supply at his own financial expense during the great famine, all citizens offered sacrifices for his health at all the seats of the gods with the Roman people calling him the father of the country, his continued preaching about friendly relationships, his presentation of three gladiatorial games in his own and five in the name of his sons.
Augustus also established colonies of soldiers in Africa, Sicily, Asia, Syria and Macedonia etc, which had been seized in slave war and by defeating his enemies in Spain, Gaul and from the Dalmatians military standards lost by other commanders. He also made a key role in the re-establishment of the republic for ten consecutive years and was also a priceps senatus for over forty years, a high priest and a member religious board of fifteen and for religious feast of board of seven.
He emphasized these achievements because he wanted the Roman people to be achievers so that they may conquer the enemies in wars, live in harmony by helping each other particularly in material needs to those who suffer catastrophes, practice justice, clemency and piety amongst themselves, respect their ancestral customs thus following their cultural background and lead a religious life successfully handling affair in their nation together with their neighborhood while honoring their leaders.
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Mellor, Augustus and the Creation of the Empire Essay.
“Mellor, Augustus and the Creation of the Empire Essay”, n.d.
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