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Prostitution and Surrogacy, - Essay Example

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The world over, the issue of married couples failing to have children is an old problem. Surrogacy is the practice that attempts to solve the problem; Essential, Surrogacy is a process that involves having another woman carry and deliver your baby for you.
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Prostitution and Surrogacy,
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Extract of sample "Prostitution and Surrogacy,"

Download file to see previous pages The role of religion in surrogate motherhood is best typified by the biblical scenario where barren Sarah (Abraham wife) arranged for Abraham and Hagar (Surrogate mother) to have a child. The surrogate role Hagar played made her proud and pompous to the extent of refusing to hand over the son she had born. Christian apologetic portend that "surrogacy is a personal decision between a couple and God. That God is the moral Arbiter in the universe, whose justification is exactly differentiated on what is immoral or moral". This factor afore mentioned deals with morality, enshrined in ones religion beliefs.
The Vatican has condemned surrogacy including all other non conjugal reproductive arrangements as sinful. The Roman Catholic Church states that, this in defense of cardinal human values; implying the threat on the sanctity of the traditional family unit posed by a third party.
The financing of a surrogacy to process is quite costly. However the factor that is debatable is the payment of dues to the gestational individuals. That from the onset one may pay to sleep (and sire a child) with a surrogate bring in the version of prostitution. The motive behind the payment made and accepted questions the ultimate goal. Whether it is for love or money
The couple and the surrogate are encouraged to share information, to undergo successive therapies and medical checks. The unsettling factor is the probable loss of privacy. The exposure of ones personal details may leave one feeling uncomfortable and vulnerable.
Pregnancy has its possible outcomes at birth in the form of miscarriages, multiple births, and serious disabilities. And there is always the risk that either the surrogate mother or the commissioning couple could have a change of mind.
The legality of surrogacy
Legislation is a measure with regulatory limits that has served in defining extents of surrogate motherhood. The law lacks uniformity in the application of the practice; however different federal jurisdictions distinguish between the concept of unpaid and unpaid surrogacy.
The "altruistic" mode of surrogacy involves no payment for the service. On the other hand "commercial" surrogacy has the element of tribute payment. Altruistic surrogacy is, in many jurisdictions, unregulated. On the other hand punitive limits are placed on the commercial one.
Advertising of surrogacy is prohibited, to reduce spread of practice. Surrogate contracts are unenforceable; hence surrogate mothers cannot relinquish custody of child to commissioning parents.
The status of children Act, denies the bond between child and commissioning sperm donor while espousing the resulting offspring to be that of the surrogate mother and her husband (as legally bound).
Successive lawmakers questioned talked of undesirable separation of roles, with a mother who sells her eggs, on who carries baby to term and the one to raise baby. Also most surrogate parents / couples were noted to be in search of specific quality refusing to accept disabled kids.
Classic profiles are noted as driving point, with commissioning couples seeking positive eugenics. Surrogates are chosen due to the positive attributes the offer ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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