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A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry - Essay Example

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1. The purpose of the paper is to identify the main elements and themes of the play which reflect the values of the society, morals and dreams of people. Also, the paper is aimed to illiterate these themes using examples from the play. The effect is to demonstrate that a play is based on racial, social and cultural traditions of the society in which it is set and was written.
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A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry
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Extract of sample "A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry"

Download file to see previous pages This process shows that analysis and synthetic are crucial elements of literary research and interpretation.
3. The most difficult was to incorporate different points of view of the characters and events in order to understand the epoch and its values. This attempt shows that every personality has both good and bad features and it is incorrect to label a hero as "negative" or "positive" only. Every person has a dual nature which determines relations with other people and the world around us.
4. The strengths of the paper are clear themes and issues under analysis (sub-topics), examples which help to illustrate the main ideas and structure (introduction, thesis, four body paragraphs and conclusion). It is possible to add analysis of the other characters (Ruth, Asagai, Beneatha etc. but it would take more than 3 pages.
5. Historical overview of the epoch (culture and social movements) will help readers to grasp the idea and themes described in the paper. There are no certain events that led me to write on this topic, but I suppose that historical analysis of the society is the first step which helps me to understand the play and its characters.
A play "A Raisin in the Sun" vividly reflects social values and ideals dominated in the society during 1950s. ...
Thesis The play reflects the values of the society and norms typical for 1950s through family relations and social environment described by Lorraine Hansberry.
The play depicts family life of African-Americans faced with racial discrimination and poverty. The Younger family belongs to working class faced with poverty and suffered from lack of money. Hansberry creates in Walter Lee a typical member of the low class with low-class ambitions, while at the same time he is a psychological study: self-deluding, a man unable to come to terms with reality. All of his dreams associated with wealth and luxury are transferred to a liquor store venture which promises to make Walter Lee a prosperous businessman.
Walter comments "You see, this little liquor store we got in mind cost seventy-five thousand and we figured the initial investment on the place be 'bout thirty thousand, see... Baby, don't nothing happen for you in this world 'less you pay somebody off!" (Act 1, Scene 1).
The whole play is constructed around the theme of money which shapes the atmosphere of the epoch. This theme is reflected through the character of Walter Lee. Only money rules the world of low classes and forces them to forget about human dignity and human code of ethics. On the other hand, Hansberry vividly portrays a difference between the old generation represented by Mama and young people like Walter Lee and his wife, Ruth. Because of poverty and hard work, money is the only way for young people to realize their dreams. Hansberry unveils that nothing is sacred for the young generation. For instance, Willy is indifferent towards his wife and unborn child driven by desire for money. Low morals and values have a great influence on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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