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Avenue Q Musical - Movie Review Example

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On the surface, the musical 'Avenue Q' qualifies as a superficial mimic of a children's TV show. With the use of puppets reminiscent of the characters from Sesame Street minus the profanity and nudity, Avenue Q opens with the main character Princeton, relocating to a building along Avenue Q in New York City where he meets a former TV actor, a porn-addict, a teacher and an a closet gay investment banker who is in love with his roommate…
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Avenue Q Musical
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Extract of sample "Avenue Q Musical"

Download file to see previous pages The use of puppets in the musical is one of the distinguishing features of the show in that it brings to the fore pressing social issues and deeming them imperative. The irreverent humor that the puppets bring forth is a form of subversion that cannot be successfully conveyed through the use of human actors. Through the memorable puppet characters that parody characters from Sesame Street, issues such as racism and homosexuality are trivialized and mocked but in turn delineate the problem, making it less solemn as it sends a more serious message to the audience - that tackling them is never a taboo. For instance, the characters of Rod and Nicky were contextually extricated from Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie with some hints of the latter's characteristics. However, Rod is a conservative gay Republican as compared to Nicky who is lighthearted and a slack. In addition, although intended mainly for humor, the naked puppet characters that replete the stage is meant to ridicule the emphasis on 'sex and nudity' by contemporary culture and the raunchiness brought about by the media and the entertainment industry. The media's assault on our senses is symbolic through the nudity of the puppets - implying that we are all defenseless from the claws of the media's influences. This is an effective utilization of puppets as characters as it removes the danger of the musical being labeled as obscene or pornographic.
Allusion is also employed in the musical in order to tackle important issues that confront young people. The main character, Princeton, is an allusion to a university. In the play, after he finishes his degree in college, he moves to the city to pursue and find his purpose. Princeton confronts the seemingly philosophical question of finding one's purpose - a quandary that most young people in the contemporary society find an answer to. Princeton quips, 'what do you do with a BA in English' Yet he is resolved to find his purpose. After being tempted and seduced by 'Lucy,' the busty attractive girl who caused the fall out in Princeton's relationship with his on and off girlfriend, Kate Monster, Princeton undergoes a process of soul-searching and finally resolves to help Kate fund the construction of a new school to improve early education (Mintz 25:2008). The use of these allusions effectively confronts issues such as education and its importance. The issue with regards the getting of lucrative careers by young people from reputable universities is likewise alluded to through the dilemmas that Princeton faces on which path to take. With young people in the contemporary society mainly laying their eyes on moneymaking, the fortification of the culture of greed and consumerism in the American culture is preserved causing more problems as a result because of the disillusionment of the young adults.
Moreover, the humor-filled tunes in the musical are not just intended solely for hilarity. These are employed in order to tackle sensitive subjects and issues not commonly incorporated in our daily conversations - topics that we find too touchy to confront. The songs such as 'If I Were Gay', 'Schadenfreude', 'The Internet is for Porn' and 'Everyone is a Bit Racist' defy many of our opinion with regards the issues on homosexuality, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Avenue Q Musical Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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