The Design Control System for a Stepping Motor - Coursework Example

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Hence it will be discussed what happens when one analyzes a delayed flip-flop (d flip-flop) circuit. It will be shown on truth tables how the outcomes could be affected depending upon the binary code value assigned to each part of the circuit. It will be taken into account how the circuit changes depending on what values are assigned to the input…
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The Design Control System for a Stepping Motor
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Download file to see previous pages Logistically, at the outset this was frought with various problems. First of all, stepping motors are usually not wired with digital circuits. However, that is fast changing as the technology has evolved in order to make such a thing possible.
Stepping motors usually have circuits, but they have not necessarily been digital ones. Thus, this was particularly a unique approach in the sense that this would be one time this would be attempted in which it would be purely experimental, although this report is written in an analytical style and from an analytical viewpoint.
Also, let the reader not be mistaken-this has been done before. There is really nothing that necessarily distinguishes this project from other digital circuits that have come before in other types of apparatuses.
In that sense-although experimental-this project that was taken on was really based in nothing novel. This was simply an approach in order to better understand how such a circuit would work, and, in that regard, at least in this writer's humble estimation, it had a fair modicum (at least) of success.
Technological enhancements have changed the way we as a human race think about many things, apparatuses such as the stepping motor included. We realized that it was not only possible to include digital technology in our workplaces and in our homes, but also in objects such as the stepping motor.
Necessarily so, it is the technologically savvy scientist who will recognize the major achievement in making this circuit digital. Not only will a digital circuit be less prone to wear and tear, but it also has the possibility of encouraging a sustainable environment.
In the era we are living in, many people are concerned about how much energy certain practices will consume. With digital technology, we have less to worry about.
The discussion surrounding the stepping motor will henceforth be begun. Hopefully it will illuminate the project as well as inform the importance of the project.
II. Literature Survey
The problem with a stepping motor is that there are several levels through which
the signals need to pass. In a d flip-flop circuit, this is most certainly the case.
There are 32 different points on the circuit ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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