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Traditional Chinese Medicine. Tao He Cheng Qi Tang - Essay Example

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Traditional Chinese Medicine. Tao He Cheng Qi Tang
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Extract of sample "Traditional Chinese Medicine. Tao He Cheng Qi Tang"

Download file to see previous pages night sweats. Cold signifies reduced functional level of an organ system. The patients
will present with chills, body aches, poor circulation, fatigue, anorexia, indigestion,
diarrhoea, arthralgia or joint pains, slow speech and tardy movements, aversion to cold
and inclination to warmth or heat. This embodies patients with hypoendocrine conditions.
Damp indicates fluid excess in the body with lack of thirst, abdominal bloating, anorexia,
nausea, vomiting, sense of heaviness of the body, and joint pains with stiffness and
soreness. Dryness is the reverse of dampness where the clinical picture consists of dry
hair, lips, mouth, nose, skin, throat; excessive thirst and constipation (Wang, H.M.,
Tai yang syndrome is the Chinese name of Wind/Cold. This is a disharmony, and
if this progresses or moves deeper into body, it may convert into Shao Yang, where
Wind/Cold may come to exist side by side with Wind/Heat. Each phase of symptoms has
characteristic signs and symptoms and specific treatment directed to reversal of the
When a physician consults patients, the first step is to exclude extrinsic or
exogenous disease. When excluded, the next step is to identify intrinsic disease. The
exogenous diseases are identified by two methods. These are syndrome differentiation
according to six meridians or syndrome differentiation according to defense system, wei;
vital energy, qi; nutrient, ying; or blood, xue. The six meridian method investigates
pathological alterations over an exogenous disease, specially for shanghan, which is acute
disease caused by exogenous cold evils. This is recognized clinically as chills, general
aches and pains, belching, a tense...
Liao, H., Banbury, L.K., and Leach, D. N., (2007). Elucidation of Danzhixiaoyao Wan and Its Constituent Herbs on Antioxidant Activity and Inhibition of Nitric Oxide Production, Evidence Based Complementary Alternative Medicine; 0.1093/ecam/nel091.
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