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Jonathan Weiner The Beak of the Finch - Essay Example

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1) Based on a reading of the chapter titled: The Gigantic Experiment, what might humans be doing to increase the pace of evolution in other species In other words, how are we creating situations that might cause the evolution of some species to accelerate
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Jonathan Weiner The Beak of the Finch
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"Jonathan Weiner The Beak of the Finch"

Download file to see previous pages spread and what they do to our biological system. For example, in medical science the

understanding of evolution has allowed scientists to develop moulds such as penicillin that

helps destroy bad bacteria. Prior to the development of antibiotics such as penicillin and

probiotics such as those used in vaccines humans were only subjected to the random laws of

nature. Those who were the 'fittest' survived through natural selection. Antibiotics help

destroy bacteria, on the other hand probiotics are small amounts of bacteria exposed to the

body to allow slow reactions where the body will develop its own immunity against the

bacteria strain. In the long run, these exposures will help the body withstand against the

attacks of such strains such as influenza, polio or tuberculosis for example. However,

because of abuses such as the overuse of antibiotics to combat minor diseases certain virus

strains could become stronger and stronger because they themselves could develop

immunity against the antibiotics thus rendering them as dangerous as prior to the invention

of penicillin.

Another understanding of evolution can be seen through the use of pesticides in

agriculture. For example, due to the overuse of pesticides in agriculture, garden pests are

becoming more and more resistant towards the pesticides are being used. They have

evolved against the surrounding which has naturally selected their most 'fittest'.

3) Think about the requirements of Darwinian evolution (variation, natural selection, reproductive isolation, etc.) and argue either for or against the following statement: The human species is still evolving biologically and will be substantially physically different in 10,000 years. True or not Defend your opinion by...
2) Why is an understanding of evolution important to the well-being of human society and human activities Discuss two examples in detail of how evolution affects us economically (e.g. agriculture) and medically
3) Think about the requirements of Darwinian evolution (variation, natural selection, reproductive isolation, etc.) and argue either for or against the following statement: The human species is still evolving biologically and will be substantially physically different in 10,000 years. True or not Defend your opinion by discussing whether natural selection still applies to most of the human population. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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