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Broadband Traffic Modeling - Essay Example

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The central objective underlying this report is to explore and review the efficacy of broadband traffic modeling based on the works present by Addie, Zukerman and Neame (1998) in (Broadband traffic modeling: simple solutions to hard problems) as well as some other relevant papers.
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Broadband Traffic Modeling
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Extract of sample "Broadband Traffic Modeling"

Download file to see previous pages Broadband also enhances fair computation, reliable storage and easy manipulation of data responsible for maintaining an acceptable quality of service (QoS) level that is deliverable by the network.
Communication infrastructure modes, dates back approximately two thousand years ago. This is the time when Beacon systems couriers and advanced communication networks were engineered Owing to the monumental economical demands of the modern world. Traditional networks have been overridden by the technological renaissance that enhances effective Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) scheme, across the network. Traditional infrastructures were developed on separate networks with unnecessary detractors. Voice in a telephone network for example is too noisy and inefficient for burst data communication. Concurrently data networks, that stores and forward massages using computers have a limited bandwidth connectivity that cannot transmit digital images and voice simultaneously.
Fibre Optical Transport Network, based on Wavelength Division, Multiplexing and Optical Cross-Connects technology, offer a tremendous transportation capacity. It calls for a frequent manual intervention for updated management. Due to the inconsistency of the Traffic pattern on an integrated system. Network operators are advised to adopt an optical network a smart, automatic real-time system (ION) or Automatic Switched Optical network, for tractability of the changing traffic load information.
2.3.1 Window sizes
A smaller observation window harms the network stability; while a too large observation window worsens the network reliability. Research shows that a suitable traffic observation window size improves the offered Quality of Service (QoS) by reconfiguring the logical layer network at the right time and in the right way. Therefore undesirable observation window size might give less accurate information and trigger the operation at the wrong
2.3.2 Multi-Domain.
The performance of multi-domain networks, such as differentiated services (DiffServ), guarantees quality of service across the network. Surprisingly network providers hesitate to use it, since enabling and maintaining it on their production networks requires a lot of new know-how and policy management, and they doubt that it will significantly improve the performance and reliability of their over-provisioned networks, or enable new applications. Hence the proposition, to simulate a model of a network connection, between two computers over a fixed multi-domain route in which the network ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Broadband Traffic Modeling Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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