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Monkey Island by Paula Fox - Book Report/Review Example

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Paula Fox (born 1923), the American novelist celebrated for her novels for adults and children, has been especially effective in dealing with the story of a young boy, named Clay Garrity, who is left alone when his father deserted the family following the loss of a job in the realistic fiction Monkey Island (1991)…
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Monkey Island by Paula Fox
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Extract of sample "Monkey Island by Paula Fox"

Download file to see previous pages Their support is important to Clay as he learns to live on his own and they help him in admitting to the hospital when he is sick and eventually in finding a foster family and his mom. The major themes of the work include survival, re-silence, friendship and hardship and these themes take the work into higher levels of appreciation. "In Monkey Island, the story of the boy who ends up homeless after both his parents abandon him, Fox once again explores themes of alienation, betrayal, and resourcefulness." (Daniel, 84) In a profound analysis of the work Monkey Island by Fox, it becomes lucid that the novel offers one of the most essential examples for the vital understanding of the major theories in literary criticism. In his significant book Literary Theory: A Very Short Introduction by Jonathan Culler makes clear that theory has drastically changed the nature of literary studies and literary works can be comprehended more effectively by the use of literary theory. Therefore, literary theories such as Formalism, New Criticism, Phenomenology, Structuralism, Post-Structuralism, Deconstruction, Feminist Theory, Psychoanalysis, Marxism, New Historicism, Post Colonial Theory, Minority Discourse and Queer Theory become essential contributors to a more precise reading of Fox's Monkey Island - for that matter, any literary pieces. The basic story and the underlying theme of the work Monkey Island can be approached and understood by the help of these literary theories and this paper undertakes an evaluation of the various sections of the story which can be comprehended more effectively when studied via some of the critical theories.
Paula Fox has been understood as one of the authoritative writers who can convince the readers thanks to her ability to deal with essential themes and topics of discussion. The author's ability in gripping the attention of the readers is very evident in the opening scene of the novel and she never goes dramatic with her language when trying to persuade the readers. "Clay Garrity's mother, Angela, had been gone five days from the room in the hotel where they had been living since the middle of October. On the first evening of her disappearance, he'd waited until long past dark before going to a small table that held a hot plate, a few pieces of china, two glasses and some cutlery as well as their food supply: a jar of peanut butter, half a loaf of bread in a plastic sack, some bananas, a can of vegetable soup, and a box of doughnuts. His mother usually heated soup for their supper and made hot cereal for his breakfast in the pot that sat on the hot plate. Clay lifted the lid" (Fox, 1) Here, the ability of the author in creating narrative tension can be seen and the author has a clear and precise strategy of narrative technique which helps her in reaching out to the minds of the readers.
In an evaluation of the opening sections of the novel, one realizes that the author is effective in establishing her themes through the incorporation of vital components of narrative which help the narrative achieve its effects. Therefore, the novel can best be comprehended in the background of an analysis of the 'narratology' used in the work. In other words, it is essential to deal with the notions of plot, the different kinds ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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