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Beer Consumption - Essay Example

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The essay quotes all the facts pertaining to beer in the world today. The fact that beer is consumed to such an extent all over the world surprised me to an extent. Previously beer was also used for medicinal purposes was also surprise when I read the essay…
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Beer Consumption
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Extract of sample "Beer Consumption"

Download file to see previous pages The fact that beer was accidentally formed was also a shock to me.
The amount of beer consumed in the world today is of a huge quantity and I expected it to be much lower. In United Kingdom still a large amount of beer is consumed as primarily this state was one of the state which gained major profits through barley. According to me barley was a common crop and could not provide huge profits to a specified state. The beer consumed all over the world shows the importance of the crop which was previously unknown to me. Furthermore, the fact that Egyptians even used beer for medicinal purposes was also a shock as modern science concludes that beer can be harmful to healthy activities. The accidental formation of beer was unexpected as it was expected that beer came into existence after a long study, however beer was formed in the quest of storing grain.
Barley and Malt have played an important role in the economics of the United Kingdom and beer is an important product used through out the world. It can also be known that beer has decreased the rate of hard alcohol consumers through out the world. The immense consumption of beer through out the world is known by reading the essay. Furthermore the advent of the beer can also be known by reading the essay. The use of beers was firstly limited but after a certain span of time it expanded through out the world. It has been a product which is used on celebrations also. If beer did not exist in the world the whole social environment of this world would be changed.
What one thing does a reader know
The reader knows that beer is used for celebratory purposes through out the world and it is an important product of this world.
What is the most important detail, quote, fact idea in the draft
The draft tells about the advent of malt and how beer came into existence. It tells how the use of beer expanded from a small region through out the world and how it is valued in the world today. Furthermore it tells through this quote that it was also used for medicinal purposes in the lower classes "it [beer] constituted a considerable portion of the medieval diet, particularly in the lower classes" (Geary, 1983: 181). It tells about the consumption of beer as analyzed by Franklin in England.
What do you itch to explore through revision
The revision would further detail about the history of beer. It would tell how the whole world came to know about the product. It would gather the facts as to what the total consumption of beer is in the world today and how it matters to the society. The disadvantages of beer would also be analyzed in the final draft so it can possibly tell the readers how it is affecting the society in a negative way. It would further conclude if beer is changing the environment of this world in the right or the wrong path.
What single message may the final draft deliver
The final draft would tell whether or not beer can be termed as important in the world ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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