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Dales Auto and Body Shop - Case Study Example

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Dale's Auto and Body Shop (DABS) is your very friendly village auto repair and body shop. Although it will be registered as a sole proprietorship, Dale Brown and his two other buddies, Henry White and James Black, have come together to set-up an auto and body shop that offers very customer-oriented services that prioritizes a customer's valuable time above all else…
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Dales Auto and Body Shop
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Download file to see previous pages It is projected to grow into a business with 3 locations with $9 million in sales by the third year.
DABS auto and body repair services will be similar to those offered by other establishments but it differentiates itself from competition with the unique kind of customer-oriented service that it offers. This customer-oriented service excellence is anchored on three commitments: high quality service, with extensive warranties; customer convenience, speedy repairs, comfortable waiting area, customer shuttle to name a few; and customer-oriented service personnel, highly-competent, friendly, eager to share auto tips.
Dale Brown is at the helm of DABS with his strong technical background in the auto repair and parts sales industry. Henry White will oversee sales and marketing. Aside from his technical expertise, he has worked long years with a major car dealership. James Black, also a technical expert, will oversee finance and administration. He has served many years in that capacity for one of the biggest car manufacturers.
DABS is an exciting business opportunity that will be led by a seasoned management team, all of whom have extensive industry experience. DABS has forecasted sales of $5 million for year one, $7 million for year two, and $9 million for year three.
Products and Services
DABS shall offer the following auto and body repair and maintenance services:
Auto Repair: Differential & Transaxle Service, Engines (Rebuild or Replace), Transmissions, Muffler Replacement, Scheduled Maintenance, Computer Diagnostics, Timing Belts & Chains, Starters & Alternators, Electronic Testing, Air-Conditioning, Cooling Systems, Fuel Injection, Exhaust Systems, Front End Work, Belts & Hoses, Fuel Pumps, Water Pumps, Carburetors, Batteries, Clutches, Brakes, Radiators, Oil & Lube, Tune-Ups
Body Repair: Complete Collision Repair, Frame Straightening, Dent Removal and Color Matching.
DABS shall use top brand names in parts and fluids. In addition, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment shall be used by DABS' technicians for an in-depth analysis of vehicle systems.
Marketing Plan
DABS shall target customers from local residents as well as towed vehicles from local and nearby freeway traffic. Tie-ups will be established with local tow truck companies for referral business. An attractive and informative brochure will be produced to invite tow truck companies to be business partners of DABS. The partner company shall be eligible for sales commissions on the service fees that will be charged by DABS. A business development specialist shall be contracted to handle negotiations with the tow truck companies. Once a tie-up has been established, the tow truck company will be provided by DABS with informative flyers for handing over to prospective customers.
With DABS positioning as a very customer-oriented shop, auto and body rep ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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