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Ideas and Imagination on Wallaces Poem - Essay Example

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At my first view of his work, I am delighted that he is not just like poets that I have red before. He is one of those differently separated from others. His works are much more natural and very material. He uses simply the surroundings for his work, he wrote for something which is very natural, in which this things might be the crafts you will ever see everyday…
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Ideas and Imagination on Wallaces Poem
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Extract of sample "Ideas and Imagination on Wallaces Poem"

Topic: Ideas and Imagination on Wallace's Poem At my first view of his work, I am delighted that he is not just like poets that I have red before. He is one of those differently separated from others. His works are much more natural and very material. He uses simply the surroundings for his work, he wrote for something which is very natural, in which this things might be the crafts you will ever see everyday. You will see it through his statements.
His poems are pertaining more on the natural and physically presented already, those which you see, feel and touch everyday or every time. His ideas about something are very simple and concise. But his works area of ideas is broad. He writes with his brain, he uses his intelligence in making a poem.
The reality for him is the physical world around him. He will just put the spirit of his imagination. He tends to seek for a root and made the fruit be the real thing. His mind analyzes everything, as he puts his ideas about the subject he is pertaining to in the poem. He made mazes, confusions, and his imagination will lead you into a different answer. Just like on when answering a riddle. But the answer is already in front of you.
He made poems on a very nice and simple way. Though he uses nice vocabularies which are very beautiful and artistic. His imagination will just turn around with the subject He does not go into something new, but always with the literal thing. He will just view things on its physiological aspects. He focuses more on the spirituality of the object.
His works are amazing as it occurs in a logical manner for it will twist up your mind because of the deep vocabulary art that he does and the maze assembling of scenes and situations. For your mind will think of anthing that will suit his view and ideas at first but you wouldn't know that it was the very thing you know already.
He is unto the real objects but reader's are just leave on a maze of thinking of what was the author is pertain to. Steven Wallace's poem's ideas are simple but wide in explanations. He tends to view things on its natural compositions, or the relating, his imagination is not so wide for he don't invent things, he is up to the reality of the object. He will just broaden his ideas for creating much more effective composition to use for the satisfaction of his readers.
The poem seems to tell that the person on the poem or the author is new to the said event of discovering things but is actually being encountered all times. He made a maze in spite of controlling the reader's mind. He tends to bring climaxes and adventures to his work. But as we analyze his work it's somehow deep because of his uses of beautiful words and his art was quiet alluring because of its structures and its plot is so simple.
His ideas for a simple thing can be broaden. He can make things go through a twist and ended it up with the real thing. He made poems which are very analytic and artistic. His creative mind controls everything that happens on his work.
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Not Ideas About the Thing But the Thing Itself. 14 May 2006.
Ramalloza, Gloria de la Puerta, The Literature of the Philippines. Enverga University Press;Lucena City. Read More
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Ideas and Imagination on Wallaces Poem Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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