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With the diverse number of companies in existence that seek to aid those within the financial industry, PNC Financial Services would be one of those faced with that role. According to the section of the company that outlines their overall corporate position, "For more than 150 years, PNC has been committed to providing our clients with great service and powerful financial expertise to help them meet their financial goals…
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PNC Financial Service
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PNC Financial Services With the diverse number of companies in existence that seek to aid those within the financial industry, PNC Financial Services would be one of those faced with that role. According to the section of the company that outlines their overall corporate position, "For more than 150 years, PNC has been committed to providing our clients with great service and powerful financial expertise to help them meet their financial goals. We are also proud of our longstanding history of supporting the communities we serve - in education and the arts, and in many other ways," ("Corporate Values", p.1). With the level of effort that PNC would have taken to ensure the continued financial growth of their clients, it would be possible to say that the company's mission would in fact be based upon an outlook for value creation.
Value creation for creating a system that would ensure the level of productivity and integrity ultimately needed, so that the customer base would be able to see their own bottom line continue to grow and prosper. With many banks, large and small, finding it harder to survive in the current economic state, PNC Bank would seek to stay within the realm of effective and responsible banking practices. According to an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, while reiterated the current state of affairs within the banking community, in regard to PNC itself, "Still, the region's biggest bank will remain disciplined and resist making "stupid," risky loans, Mr. Rohr Said during a Barclays Capitol investor conference in New York City," (Sabatini, 2010). With the statement in itself that would work toward the concern of meeting investors expectations of being able to trust the solvency of the institutions that they seek to do business with.
Going on further to state that, "Mr. Rohr said PNC's balance sheet was strong and that the bank would have no trouble meeting higher capital requirements agreed to by international banking regulators Sunday as a buffer against another worldwide financial meltdown," (Sabatini, 2010). A move that would seek to allay the potential fears of some that may have otherwise been concerned, as to whether or not PNC would seek to stay within the realm of responsible business practices and honor their obligations. Taking other measures to expand the bank as a whole, the vision set forth by CEO Rohr, would illustrate the path toward creation and advancement that would ensure the solvency of the bank, as well as its customers.
In constructing corporate mission statements, many organizations seek to illustrate themselves as being in line with their consumer base and to solidify their position as being an organization worthy of doing business with. The corporate mission, after reading the materials provided through the PNC website, as well as the article from the Pittsburg Post-Gazette, would leave the impression that the mission of PNC and its employees would be one of high value. From an investor standpoint, many would seek to place their investments behind organizations that enact common sense policies. For the most part, mission statements would provide the same general elements within them. The illustration of the corporations plan for working with their clients and protecting the interests of those clients, while staying in line with the regulations put forward at the state and/or federal level.
After assessing the materials provided by PNC Bank, the final evaluation of their mission would be to determine that it would be financial sound, in an otherwise questionable financial market at the present time. With their ability to remain comfortable, in terms of what the company's earnings statements would show for the second half of 2010, it would appear as if the methods taken by the corporate structure of PNC Bank would leave room for continued growth.
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