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Breeding Thoroughbred Racing Horses - Essay Example

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The Thoroughbred is a horse class well-known as a race horse. Despite the fact meticulously raised racehorses had been in existence all over Europe for centuries before that time, the variety as recognized these days developed in the 17th century in Britain when English mares started to be farmed for imported Arabian stallions…
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Breeding Thoroughbred Racing Horses
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Extract of sample "Breeding Thoroughbred Racing Horses"

Download file to see previous pages They are also frequently cross-bred with other breeds to generate new breeds or to develop new ones, and have been important in the conception of many significant breeds, for example the Quarter Horse, the Standardbred, the Anglo-Arabian, and a variety of Warmblood breeds.
Thoroughbred racehorses act with highest force, which has given rise to high percentage of mishaps and other health troubles. Racing has been established to have a higher casualty rate than all other human and animal games. As well, Thoroughbreds are inclined to other health problems that include bleeding from the lungs, low fertility, unusually small hearts and a small hoof to body mass ratio. There are a number of theories for the causes behind the occurrence of accidents and health complications in the Thoroughbred breed, and study continues into how to decrease the fatality rate and nurse those animals that are wounded.
The archetypal Thoroughbred spans between 15.2-17.0 hands high. They are mainly reddish-brown, brown, chestnut, black, or gray (Patten, 191-195). A fewer familiar colors consists of roan and palomino. Although white is uncommon, however is a standard color distinct from gray. The face and lower legs may be stained with white (Bongianni, 1987); even though white will commonly not displayed on the body. Skin patterns that have more than one color on the body, such as Pinto or Appaloosa, are not present in the Thoroughbred (Glyn, 50). Excellent Thoroughbreds have a well-chiseled head on a long neck, high withers, a deep chest, a short back, good depth of rear legs, a slim body, and long legs (Bongianni, 1987; Montgomery, 338-354). Thoroughbreds are grouped among the fiery breeds, which are animals raised for quickness and rapidity and are normally regarded as brave and gallant (Henry 60, 66).
Selective Breeding Theory
It is advocated that the speed is improved in an already quick animal by raising muscle mass, a variety of selective breeding that has fashioned animals intended to win horse races (Kluger, 2006). Hence, the contemporary Thoroughbred moves quicker than its skeletal composition can bear (Finley, 1993). Consequently, all aggressive contemporary Thoroughbreds are strongly dominant however osteologically weak animals, notably more so than any fossil or living, found in the natural habitat. A top-down observation of skeletal muscle is contractile tissue of the body and is issued from the mesodermal layer of nascent germ cells. Selective breeding in domestic animals is the method of developing a sophisticated breed in the fullness of time. Horse-racing is an equestrian sport pursuit which has been accomplished over the centuries; the chariot races of Roman times were an early example.
Thoroughbreds are often crossed with other horses to produce new breeds or develop existing ones. They have been prominent on many new breeds, for example the American Quarter Horse, the Standardbred, and perhaps the Morgan, a breed that continued to impact many of the gaited breeds in North America. Other familiar crosses with the Thoroughbred consist of crossbreeding with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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