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The Presence of Irony in Franz Kafkas The Metamorphosis - Book Report/Review Example

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Irony is the use of words to express something different from and often opposite to their literal meaning. It is an expression or utterance marked by a deliberate contrast between apparent and intended meaning. …
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The Presence of Irony in Franz Kafkas The Metamorphosis
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Extract of sample "The Presence of Irony in Franz Kafkas The Metamorphosis"

Download file to see previous pages The Metamorphosis is a short absurdist novel seasoned with dark humor. In the paper you will find the best examples of irony used by Franz Kafka in “The Metamorphosis” described and analysed.
Gregor’s transformation from a human being into a horrible-looking insect was only a physical one, not involving the rest of his personhood. He was still able to think and feel humanely, indicating the metamorphosis to be purely physical. Although this transformation gave him several pains and a condition of mishap, he was still able to feel all the sufferings it brought. The rejection from people and his own family was unbearable, yet he needed to contain himself alone in his room, suffer the misfortune, and from time to time peek on the windows to see people and vehicles hideously. This metamorphosis is a conscious one as it is physical – very apparent and tangible, which people can easily have a sight of. This is the reason why Gregor was alienated and excluded from the normal ways of life, which a normal person is supposed to undertake. Having a job, associating with people and friends, and normally doing all the everyday way of life such as eating, drinking, taking a bath, reading the daily paper, etc. were all denied of him because of his condition. Moreover, Gregor’s metamorphosis was a very heavy burden, one in which return to an old self is (almost) impossible. People misjudged him to be a real bug, a horrendous monster, devoid of human emotions and rationality.
Hence, he was not given a chance to show them his need of love, belongingness, and acceptance since his very ghastly appearance prevents people from taking him.
Grete made her own metamorphosis as she grew into a woman - one that is not easily noticed, since such is beyond physicality.
This is another irony in the story, the metamorphosis of Grete. At first, she was a loving and kind sister to her metamorphosing brother, sent him food, fixed his things, cleaned his messy room, and talked kindly to him. However, as she grew older past her adolescence into a woman, she has turned utterly different from the young girl who was so fond of his brother. As her own parents noticed her beautiful curves and pretty face, her character toward her brother became all the more mean and spiteful. This was how Grete's metamorphosis took place- a covert one. It may be inferred that as Gregor turned into an appalling bug, yet kept a human sensitivity inside its shell, Grete metamorphosed her character as well, and instead of having an ugly appearance, became lovelier and more attractive. Hence, her metamorphosis was not apparent since such is of character.
The weight of affection that Grete extended to her brother is the same as its weight when she learned to loathe him.
This is another irony in Kafka's novel. At first, Grete was so fond of Gregor, did everything for him, and had a unique relationship with him. She was the only one who reached out to him, consoled him in his misfortune, gave him comfort, and offered to do certain errands for him. The earlier passage of the novel indicates that despite his brother's appearance, Grete was unmindful, trying to see the person who lies beyond the hard shell of the smelly insect, with several feet on its sides. But upon her own metamorphosis, Grete's affection for her brother turned into its total opposite to the point that she wanted him out of the house and their lives. In her attempt to terminate the insect, she told her parents, "We must try to get rid of it. It will be the death of both of you, I can see it coming. It has to go."2 Her brother to whom she was once affectionate was no longer "He," but "it." She saw ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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