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Proposal on: Effects of Welfare Reform - Research Paper Example

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Individuals dependent on the welfare system are individuals on state or government assistance programs, social security, Medicaid/Medicare or similar services. These…
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Research Proposal on: Effects of Welfare Reform
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Extract of sample "Proposal on: Effects of Welfare Reform"

Research Proposal Effects of Welfare Reform The effects of welfare reform are great for many individuals whom are dependent on the welfare system.Individuals dependent on the welfare system are individuals on state or government assistance programs, social security, Medicaid/Medicare or similar services. These programs help individuals going through a hard time, mentally or physically handicap or unable to live on their own. Since many are so dependent on these services it is important to consider the effects that welfare reform will have on those needing the assistance and those paying for the assistance.
2. The purpose of this paper is to further investigate the topic welfare reform so that the topic can be further explained and understood. Explaining and understanding welfare reform can help answer the question as to the effects of welfare reform. The reasoning behind the study will help to discover if welfare reformed has and will be beneficial or is not beneficial and a waste of time. Further explaining the importance will decide whether or not to support or fight against welfare reform. The research will focus on whether or not welfare reform is needed or not needed.
It is predicted that research will show that welfare reform can be beneficial and not beneficial. It is impossible to keep everyone happy and satisfied when it comes to political issues. What is important is that the benefits outweigh the harm. The more beneficial effects of welfare reform will show a positive out turn. Welfare reform cannot be perfect but may be necessary in order to keep government spending in an appropriate budget. Since welfare is funded by government that is funded by tax payers, it is important that tax payers are the ones mostly benefit and have a say as to which kind of welfare reform takes place.
Additional questions of interest regarding welfare reform and its effects are what have welfare reform done in the past? What about welfare reform in other countries? Has welfare reform proven to be a positive or negative part of our nations past? If effects prove to be negative, what can be done to make welfare reform have positive effects?
This research paper is ideally testing the theory that there are negative and positive effects to everything but it is important that there are more positive then there are negatives and never the other way around.
3. I bring few prior beliefs to this paper. I hope to keep this paper mainly focused on facts and less about opinions. When researching it is important to gather all research that is based on facts. After facts are gathered, the writer and the reader can then form an opinion based on the information provided. I believe it is best to allow the reader to become interested in the topic and then allow them the proper information to form their own opinion. This is especially important on a topic such as welfare reform. The reader may have their own personal beliefs and opinions based on experience. The paper can then supply the reader with additional facts that can allow the reader to focus on welfare reform from a different perspective. Read More
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