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Military Tactics Used from Union and the Confederate Army and Navy - Research Paper Example

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In the paper “Military Tactics Used from Union and the Confederate Army and Navy” the author discusses the major contrast between the strategies of the Confederacy and the Union. The former raised about 35 percent of its war finances through loans…
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Military Tactics Used from Union and the Confederate Army and Navy
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Extract of sample "Military Tactics Used from Union and the Confederate Army and Navy"

Download file to see previous pages The objective of both the sides was identical—to win the war! What were the consequences of the war? James McPherson writes, “The American Civil War by far the deadliest conflict the United States ever fought. At least 620,000 Union and Confederate soldiers lost their lives in the war. This was almost as many Americans as were killed in all other wars this country has fought, from the Revolutionary War through the Vietnam War.” (Introduction, 2002.)
The North had the distinct advantage of numbers. The bigger population of the North meant more soldiers. The infrastructure, the industrial manufacturing power of the North was several times more and the army was assured of adequate food/weapons and ammunition supplies. The essential difference between the North and South can be traced to the history of these areas. Bruce Catton writes, “In the North, society was passing more rapidly than most men realized to an industrial base. Immigrants were arriving by the tens of thousands…In the South, by contrast, society was much more static. There was little immigration, there were not many cities, the factory system showed few signs of growth…” (p.10) The transportation, the rail/road system in the North was better. The strategy of the North was to destroy anything and everything the South would possibly use to win the war. They planned to capture the major rivers of the South like Mississippi, to subdue South. But the advantage of the South was its great military commanders who were trained in West Point Military School. Their plan was to capture as much territory of North, though they failed in their attempts repeatedly. The Commander of the newly formed Confederate States of America was Jefferson Davis. Almost all the ships were in the possession of the North. That was an awesome advantage.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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